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Artificial Nail Tips And Glue On Tips

artificial nail tips


Glue On Artificial Nail Tips

Artificial nail tips, also known as glue-on nails, are made from acetate, and can be applied at a salon or at home. While you’ll pay more for glue-on nails at a salon, the results will probably be better than if you use one of the at-home kits, since applying them properly can be difficult.

Either way, though, a three-step process is employed: First, the acetate tip is trimmed to match the shape of the natural nail tip to which it will be affixed; second, the trimmed nail is attached with a special acrylate adhesive; and third, a mixture of acrylic powder and glue is layered on from the base of the nail to the bottom edge of the artificial tip so that the finished nail presents a smooth, even surface.

Unlike press-on nails, glue-ons typically last (and look good) for several weeks if touched up with polish periodically. Some may consider this a benefit, but we actually view it as a drawback because the longer your natural nails are covered, the greater your risk of experiencing an adverse reaction or contracting a fungal infection.

Air pockets often form between the nail plate and the artificial nail, and this creates a prime breeding ground for fungi. In addition, the strong adhesives used for nail tip treatments are known to prompt severe reactions in many women, including thickening of the nails, cracking, discoloration, and in the very worst cases, irreversible nail deformities.


Artificial nails do have their place, but only wear for short periods. Constantly having artificial fingernails long term can damage your natural nails.
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