Are You Beautiful?

Are you beautiful? How does a women know? Do you know the difference between real beauty and the idea of beauty we grew up with?

Beauty is a statement. Sure. Try telling that to the person who doesn't feel beautiful and doesn't believe that anybody thinks she is.

We as women have been bombarded by this idea of real beauty since we were little girls. How many times have you seen toddlers walking around with their own sets of pearls applying lipstick to every doll that they have (in bright red of course)?

As we get older, our ideas of what constitutes as beautiful are getting more and more warped and the sad news is that we are passing this on to the next generation.

With each statement made in the media and each new product that comes out, we are sending the message that being beautiful means adding to who you are instead of embracing it and feeling beautiful.

Real beauty means enhancing what you already have and putting your own twist on things.

Are You Beautiful Au Natural?

Look at the women who live in the islands and along coastal towns. Brazilian women are considered some of the most beautiful and physically attractive in the world.

It's not because they cake themselves in make up, it's because they spend a lot of time at the beach. They are soft, ex-foliated and tanned because of it but this doesn't have to be the standard for everybody.

The main point is that this sun kissed kind of beauty comes from nature. When you couple that with the basics, it makes for a formidable combo.

Similarly, the Irish are a very beautiful nation with their typically pale skin and dark curly hair. Embracing what you have is the best way to connect to the real beauty underneath the hype.

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Real Beauty is a Sign of Health

One of the best ways to look and feel beautiful is through being healthy. That is essentially what beauty boils down to.

If you have a healthy and varied diet, you will be able to maintain your weight, keep the rosiness in your cheeks and look young and unblemished for years to come.

In the same way that we add make up and clothing to our image, we add lifestyles to it as well. Smoking isn't good for your skin nor is drinking.

We know this but still we carry on and wonder why our teeth aren't sparkly white and why we often look about rough around the edges.

Rest is a part of your optimum health state. Are you making the effort to look after yourself and get enough rest? This can eliminate puffy eyes for example.

Real Beauty Is Mindset

Ever notice how you feel like the sexiest person alive after a good run and a shower? Or a swim?

Your mind has amazing power when it comes to affecting your confidence and in turn, your beauty. Have you ever seen another woman and thought "Wow, she looks dull"?

Remember that thought every time you become aware of some "imperfection". The small differences in the shape of our noses or the arches in our eyebrows make us who we are and add something interesting to our facial structure.

So are you beautiful? Some views to consider if you are wondering.

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Are You Beautiful?
Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: June 4, 2015

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Are You Beautiful?