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Aphrodisiac Aromatics

Women have used aphrodisiac aromatics throughout history to seduce and keep their men.

Aphrodisiac Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the art of using various scents to benefit the body and mind.

Typically essential oils are diffused for this purpose, but you can also utilize many household herbs, spices, and aromatics to obtain positive results for aphrodisiac aromatics.

Now, if you're wondering how a smell can change anything, think about the aroma of freshly baked bread or cookies.

When that scent reaches you, you might feel hungry or expectant, and your stomach may even growl a bit. You're reacting to aroma on a very personal level.

Aromatherapy and aphrodisiac aromatics begin in that foundation, looking to not only physical reactions but also emotional ones.

This article examines aromatics that specifically target our emotions – love and passion, tenderness and enthusiasm, etc. We'll also explore how to use aphrodisiac aromatics to create just the right ambiance for you and your partner.

You do not have to be an experienced herbalist or great chef for these methods to work.

The only real caution is for you to be certain about herbs and aromatics to which your partner(s) might be allergic. Otherwise the only result you'll get from your aphrodisiac aromatics is sneezing or hives!

The Scent of History

Aphrodisiac AromaticsBefore getting into more specifics, those feeling uncertain about Aromatherapy can be comforted to know that, while not called by this term.

Aromatherapy methods have been around for thousands of years, probably starting with the Chinese who used incense and oil with the intention of manifesting peace and positive energies.

Since the late 20th Century more people have been turning to natural products like essential oils looking for a variety of benefits.

Natural oils continue to be valued for their various applications ranging from aromatherapy to the cosmetic industry, and of course in LOVE!

Ambiance Creators

If Cleopatra can woo Mark Anthony with rose petals, there's no reason we can't use some basic understanding of aromatherapy to make our love lives a little sassier.

One hint to get you started: less is more. You don't need to have an aroma take over your space for it to act gently on the mind, body and spirit.

Mood Muse

If you're looking to set the mood for you and your partner there are a variety of ways to go about it. You may wish to begin by using some pine or sandalwood oil in your cleaning solutions.

These generally purify a space and help keep your environment "healthy." Other options include sage and lavender.

Stress-reducing Scents

If you're coming off a very busy week, consider giving each other a hand and foot massage using any of these aromatic oils mingled with almond oil: Lavender, geranium, jasmine, ylang-ylang, or sandalwood.

Note: you don't need a lot! Natural oils are very potent and some can hurt sensitive skin – so use only a couple of drops. Think of this like "background music" to the massage).


After the massage, you can pick up the energy in the house by using any number of essential oils in a diffuser. In particular ginger and citrus blended together really stimulate good vibrations.

Or, if you're feeling adventurous move the whole adventure into the bathtub, filled with bubbles and surrounded by candles.

This is romantic, relaxing, and certainly sends a message of pleasure. Note: make sure your candles have a safe foundation on which to drip, otherwise you'll end up with a nasty clog in the tub.

Heating It Up

Finally, for romance have some vanilla and rose in the bedroom. Alternative scents include patchouli, mint, cinnamon and apple. By the way, you can get as creative as you wish in how exactly these aromas come into the environment.

Try candles, potpourri, tea, shampoo, fresh flowers, etc. The whole idea is that of painting an aromatic backdrop that communicates your desires, and makes your time together all that more wonderful.
Enjoy, Aphrodisiac Aromatics

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Updated February 20, 2012

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