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Anxiety And Menopause

Anxiety And Menopause

Understanding the Symptom of Anxiety Emotions

Are You Feeling Anxious?

For women who are experiencing the issues of pre menopause and the onset of menopause, anxiety is a common issue.

Many females experience this menopause symptom There are a number of symptoms that can result from the onset of anxiety emotions that may be experienced during this stage of life.

Why Am I Feeling Anxious?

In this article, you will learn a number of things and help you to answer that question. I will be focusing on anxiety and menopause so that this characteristic can be completely understood.

You will learn to understand the symptom of anxiety emotions and unexpected or unusual feelings of this type of physiological stress.

Anxiety is a combination of feelings and/or emotions that are quite uncomfortable for the individual that is experiencing them.

The most common feelings that are experienced with anxiety are an overwhelming sense of doom. This is often a result of numerous other feelings.

A female who experiences this during menopause may become fearful for no reason at all. She may begin to worry relentlessly over a wide assortment of situations and people.

Nervousness is also a common symptom displayed when a women experiences menopause anxiety.

Many may overlook the combination of anxiety and menopause that a female may experience during pre menopause and menopause.

For the sufferer, though, anxiety and menopause can be a very uncomfortable combination.

Anxiety is actually the body's response to protecting itself from something that it views as an immediate threat.

Therefore, when a woman experiences menopausal anxiety, there are many physiological responses that occur as well.

This may include a headache that is a result of the tension that the body is experiencing.

Many females often complain of having a general heaviness, or pain, in the chest area. Heart palpitations and difficulty breathing are also quite common.

Those Fluctuating Hormones In Your Body Leads To Increased Anxiety

Medical professionals have studied menopause anxiety for many years. It has been concluded that the condition of fluctuating hormones in the body leads to anxiety.

When the natural balance of estrogen is affected, the appropriate balance of cortisol is affected as well. Cortisol has been found to be a major factor in the development of stress.

With these two important compounds in the body experiencing distress, the response is anxiety.

Emotional Menopause Symptoms

If Your Anxiety Continues...

If anxiety is consistent and starts to interrupt the overall quality of life, it is imperative that medical treatment is attempted.

There are cases of menopause anxiety that are caused by psychological issues.

Many of these issues are deep-rooted and discovered when a female starts to experience other issues associated with pre menopause and the actual onset of menopause.

There are a number of anxiety related medical disorders that often become apparent when hormone changes are occurring within the body.

There are many treatment methods available for individuals who experience anxiety that is directly related to menopause.

Many times, the physical aspect of the hormones, and the psychological aspect of troublesome symptoms are treated as one.

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Treating Anxiety

Medical professionals may suggest any of the following for menopause anxiety:

  • Changes in the diet
  • Implementation of an appropriate exercise program
  • Natural treatments, like Black Cohosh Supplements
  • Drug treatment therapy, such as hormone replacement supplements
  • Surgery may be required in the form of a hysterectomy

If you are in the perimenopause stage or experiencing menopause in full, and you are suffering from anxiety, it is important that you contact your gynecologist in order to determine the underlying cause.

You will then be able to work with this professional by selecting an appropriate treatment program to aid in soothing the symptoms of anxiety.

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Anxiety And Menopause
Author Tanna Mayer
Updated January 6, 2013

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