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Anti Aging How Much Exercise Do You Need


Anti aging how much exercise do you need? How much exercise is really enough? In anti-aging medicine, the goal of an exercise program is to increase flexibility, increase aerobic capacity and increase strength. These three goals will result in muscle toning, loss of excess fat, increased muscle mass and optimization of the muscle's use of oxygen and nutrients during rest and exercise.
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A sense of well being following exercise results from endorphin and encephalin release in the central nervous system (opiate-like products manufactured in our own brains). As one increases stamina and strength, the challenges of day-to-day living become much easier to overcome.

How much and what kind of exercise does it take to achieve these goals? The answer is less than you think, but in a dedicated fashion, repeated at frequent intervals. One should strive to achieve 50 minutes of fairly vigorous aerobic exercise three days per week.

You may prefer non-weight bearing type exercise with little joint involvement such as swimming, riding an exercise bike or Schwinn Aerodyne.

You can also use a Nordic Track and least of all running or jogging, which can cause knee and lumbar spinal injuries. Interval training should be "bursts" of higher intensity aerobic exertion in a cyclic fashion about every two to three minutes for periods of sustained high intensity of about 1 minute each.

On alternate days of aerobic training one should perform controlled resistance training with free weights or machines. You may prefer free weights or a machine such as the Power Block® system.

Free weights allow one to isolate a muscle group and really work it much more effectively throughout its range of motion. One should alternate upper body strengthening exercises with back and lower body exercises on alternate days.

Anti Aging How Much Exercise Do You Need ~ Resistance Exercise

What are the resistance exercises of choice? What amount of weight is used?

It's really very simple.
steps The first rule is: do five sets per muscle group. Rest one minute only between sets.
steps Start with 15 reps on low weight to warm up the muscle group.
steps Then do more weight until the muscle group fatigues at 10, then 8 reps.
steps Do the reps VERY SLOWLY, not racing through them, in you minds eye visualizing the muscle group contracting. (This is the ZEN of weightlifting – slow and methodical, not quick and straining).

The upper body groups are biceps (curls), triceps (overhead press lowering weight back to shoulder), overhead or military for shoulder group, pectoralis group (bench press with free weights), and lats (latissimus) by bending over a bench and picking up the free weights isolating the lat muscles.

The lower body groups are abdominal (slow crunches), leg extensions (with a machine), squats with free weights, and lunges holding free weights.

That is basically it. Alternate aerobic interval training every other day with either upper or lower body free weight or machine training.

Combine this program with the diet and nutraceuticals from the first article in the series and you are on your way.

Add balanced hormonal replacement therapy and watch what happens to your body

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