Easy Animal Face Painting Ideas

Animal face painting does not need to be highly artistic or  detailed for kids to be happy.  You can use makeup you have on hand or special kits that contain great colors and brushes.

Animal Face Painting

Whether you have volunteered to work at a face painting booth or you are simply looking to make sure that a zoo, jungle, or farmyard party gets off to a roaring start, you'll find that there are a couple of guidelines that can get you started when it comes to getting a great painted face onto a kid.

Face Painting Tips

Face Painting

Just like there are important guidelines for drawing and art, you'll find that keeping things straight when it comes to animal face painting can help you out a great deal. First, when you start with animal face painting, remember that to a certain extent, it will be less flat than a human's face.

Outline First

Outlining Butterfly Face

You will find it easier to do your outlines first, then fill in with your solid colors.

Cute Puppy Painted Face

To get a really good painted face going, think about the fact that you are going to be bringing some features forward, and one way that you can do this is with the use of dark and light paint.

For instance, when you are trying for a puppy, you'll find that painting the nose and the mouth area of the child a lighter color will help create the illusion of a "snout" and it can have your kids looking cute puppy-like!

Kitty Painted Face

On the other hand, for a kitten, remember that there is less of a snout, so the light areas can just focus on the upper lip and the mouth. The next thing that you should remember is that you should delineate the nose.

When you are looking to make sure that the nose looks good, make sure that you choose a dark color such as black or a warm dark brown.

Just shade in the area of the nose that includes the nostrils and the bump of the nose directly between them, without going any higher. This gives your kid the proper dog or kitty nose. For a cat's nose, think about making the nose even shorter and shallower.

Detailed Cat Face Painting

Friendly Or Fierce?

Remember that details are the name of the game when you are painting. If you are trying to get a certain facial expression across (friendly puppy, fierce tiger, etc.) play with the eyebrows a little bit. Draw in high black eyebrows for surprise, and lower ones for menace.

Childs Friendly Dog Face Paint

When you want to do a puppy, for example, to get the long snout, color a pale stripe that covers the forehead, goes down between the eyes and fans out into an oval that covers the nose, the lower cheeks and most of the face.

Dog Face Painting

Use a pale brown on the rest of the face, dark brown circles around the eyes, and an even darker brown on the nose with the method listed above. After that, all you need to remember is to give your new puppy a cute pink tongue poking from his lips, black eyebrows painted above the dark brown circles and a few whisker spots, and you're all set!

Perfection Does Not
Mean Anything to a Toddler

Toddlers Tiger Face

You do not need to be artistic to make a little one happy, A toddler is only going to sit  still for so long, and painting can well, tickle a little. The little nose and stripes do not need to be perfect, just fast!

Perfection Means Everything
To The Older Kids!

Detailed Bug Face PaintingA Bug
Ladybug Painted FaceAnd A Ladybug

Easy Costumes

Panda Bear Face Painting

This little Panda Bear is going to be warm and snuggly on Halloween night, with no plastic costume.  Hunt the thrift stores for hooded  jackets with ears as a starting point.

Animal Inspiration!

In the animal face painting gallery below you will find ideas for face painting farm animals and face painting jungle animals.


Little Girls Fantasy Butterfly Face
Pink Painted Butterfly Face
Butterfly Art Face Painting
Face Painting Butterfly

Kittens and Cats

Cat Makeup
Kitten Face Painting

Lions And Tigers, Oh My!

Little Girls Tiger Painted Face
Tiger Painted Face
Tiger Painted Face


Animal Face Paint Lion


Cute Leopard Face
Leopard Face Painting


Zebra Makeup Painting

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