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Angel Curls For Guys, A Halo Of Natural Curls

There is one thing that a woman find simply irresistible when it comes to the appearance of a guy – that is cute guys angel curls

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Women just love the fact that this particular hairstyle projects a "boyish” appearance, and that combined with the mark of maturity in the male really makes this hairstyle a trendsetter!

If you are a guy that is looking to make "waves” among all the women in your life, the guy’s angel curls is the way to go.

How To Curls

Here, you will find some simple styling steps that will allow you to create this awesome style.

1. If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, this style will be easy to achieve. It is also easy to achieve if you have naturally thick hair. The first thing that you will need to do to achieve this style is to put a little volume in the hair.

The easiest method of doing this is to just jump in the shower, wet the hair, and then scrub it down with a conditioner that is made for men’s hair. Once you have done this, simply wash the conditioner out and finish your shower.

2. Now, once you are ready to start styling for the guys angel curls look, it is important to first pat dry the hair with a towel.

Once all of the excess moisture has been eliminated from the hair, you should bring out a diffuser and set it on a medium heat. Diffusers are great in that they dry the hair, but produce less the frizz.

If you have naturally curly hair, then this device should be used all of the time. If you want to avoid frizz, then it should be used as well! Make sure that you dry all of the hair completely with the diffuser.

teens angel curls wayne dalglish3. Once the hair is dry, you should comb it our so that it is naturally soft and also has an added amount of volume. In the meantime, you should gather up you set of hot rollers and put them on high.

Yes, guys, it is completely acceptable to have your very own set of hot rollers. I mean, how else are you going to get those wonderful curls that women simply love and adore?

4. Next, you will want to place a small amount of styling mousse for men throughout the hair. It is important that you do not put too much in the hair because of the fact that it can cause problems once you set the hot rollers in the hair.

5. Next, you should place the hot rollers all around the hair. It is important that you do not roll them too tight and too close together. Space them evenly with about a pinky space between each one.

Once this is done, take some hairspray and coat the hair. You should hold the can about a foot off so that it mists down on the hair.

6. Once you have allowed the curlers to sit for about a half an hour, carefully take each one from the head. You should then get a pick and comb them out ever so lightly.

Using a heavy hand can really damper the guy’s angel curls style. Once you have done this, you are all done – just add a bit more hairspray and knock them out with your gorgeous curls!

Guys Long Curly Hair

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Angel Curls For Teens

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