Alternative Makeup Tools

Alternative makeup tools are needed when you don't have a tool kit available to reapply your makeup. With a little imagination almost anything can become a makeup applicator - even your fingers.

alternative makeup tools

Beauty And Makeup Alternatives

A selection of cotton buds, cotton swabs and gauze swabs can be easily carried and used as alternative applicators for all types of makeup including eye shadows, lipstick and lip gloss and blush.

Foundations and creams are easily applied using the fingers when there are no brushes or other aids available and many makeup artists prefer to use them to apply make up in preference to tools that can be commercially bought for the same purpose. The warmth of the fingers help to blend creams quickly into the skin without a blotchy look caused by uneven distribution of creams that sometimes occur when a cotton pad is used.

Olive oil is a great conditioner to place on the hair to keep it soft and supple. It is also a wonderful product to use with a cotton bud when you have no mascara. It creates lovely long looking dark eyelashes with a shine. This same shimmer can be experienced on the lips and nails when there is no lipstick or nail polish. Petroleum jelly is a great alternative when you have run out of lip gloss.

Re-cycling and Re-using Beauty Products

Most of us have left over bottles of beauty products in our homes. These can be recycled and used for other products when we run out. Shampoo applied to an area before shaving it makes a great alternative to shaving cream.

You can do this in the bath before you shave and it makes a wonderfully smelling bubble bath that will make you feel pampered and empowered. If you don't have any leftover shampoo, conditioner also makes a wonderful alternative to shaving cream.

When using any product on your face of skin ensure they are cleaned prior to use. Harmful bacteria can be transferred from person to person if shared facilities or makeup are used so ensure when using recycled brushes or any other product that they are clean and as bacteria free as possible.

Natural Products as Alternatives to Chemicals

Concern is increasing about the use of harmful chemicals and animal derivatives in makeup products and for those who share this concern, there are a growing number of products available that are made from natural or synthetic sources that do not produce the side effects on the skin that many other products produce.

Natural products are available as cleansers, foundations, lipsticks, eye shadows, mascara and other beauty products. They are an excellent beauty tool for anyone who has a medical condition and requires alternative make up choices.

Water is an excellent tool for lifting flat hair on a bad hair day by sprinkling it on the hair and using fingers to lift the hair as it air dries. Splashed on a face it will refresh and revitalize skin in the absence of moisturizers and cleansers. Being without your favorite kit doesn't need to be a disaster. Your home can be the source of the best alternative makeup tools.

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Updated September 7, 2011

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