Alopecia Wigs

short trendy alopecia wig

Alopecia wigs sounds just so… uncomfortable somehow, doesn't it? It sounds even more clinical if you call them cranial hair prosthetics, which technically what they are. However, there are so many reasons to wear wigs other than just alopecia, so you are not alone in that respect.

Alopecia wigs are built just like chemotherapy wigs. They have a special cap, which usually has some kind of non slip material, like a silicone strip, that acts like tape that adheres to your scalp to hold it securely. The hair in Alopecia wigs is usually human, so that you can style it yourself and is usually ethnically European, Indian or Asian.

Alopecia wigs are typically handmade and set in a breathable mesh cap. They are light weight, so that you can wear them all day, without a problem, which is a good thing, since like most people, your identity is tied into your looks and your looks is tied into your hair. If your hair does not look good, you don't feel like you look good. A wig will do wonders for that, even if you have alopecia.

Choosing Wigs For Alopecia Areata

The alopeica wigs can be styled, but gently. Be very careful with your styling tools or have your stylist do it for you. There are stylists out there who specialize in wigs. As long as the wig is made of human hair, it can be styled and re-styled. If it is made of synthetic hair, then you are stuck with the style that it came in.

You can sleep in a wig, but wear an older wig. Wig manufacturers suggest that you not sleep in the wig that you wear during the day. They also suggest that you take the time to brush it out in the morning, when you get up, to make sure that you get the tangles out of it, so that it does not get matted and frizzy, and to extend its life.

Mostly though, manufacturers recommend that you sleep with a cotton cap on, with a less dense, less expensive human hair wig, which would be more comfortable over night. Alopecia wigs come in all colors and styles and ethnicities. The initial cost is can be somewhat high, but since they are incredibly high quality wigs, they are well worth the cost. They are a long-term investment meant to help during any breakout, especially if you have alopecia totalis or alopecia universalis.

Caring For Your Wig

Care of Alopecia wigs is simple. By following the manufacturer's instructions and using gentle shampoos and conditioners on the human hair wigs, your wig should last you quite awhile.

If you should have a need to do any heat styling, do it gently. Preferably, set your wig with rollers and let it air dry. It will work wonders for extending its life.

It is possible that a wig may not be for you. However, exploring the choices of alopecia wigs does not mean that you are giving into the disease. It means that you are looking out for your own well being. Everyone is different.