Alopecia Shampoo

There is no one quick fix when it comes to an alopecia shampoo. Unfortunately there isn't one out on the market right now that will make your hair grow in over night or reverse the disease outright.

will alopecia shampoo help

Will The Right Shampoo Help?

However there are things that you can do, such as adding simple essential oils to your shampoo, which may help, if not with the hair growth, to lift your spirits.

Sure, aromatherapy is kind of a "hippy-dippy" answer, but science tells us that smells really do affect our mood. We also know that there are studies that say that by massaging small amounts lavender oil in a carrier reduces stress, a factor in alopecia.

So why not make that carrier your shampoo? It's cleaner than using carrier oil, and let's face it, shampoo makes it wash out easier than with carrier oil. Lavender is just one of the possible oils that makes a good blend for a personalized alopecia shampoo.

Alopecia Shampoo Recipe

As always, before you decide to do this, consult with your doctor, she may want you to follow a different protocol. However, if your doctor does give you the OK to try this, here's a recipe.

Take a bottle of your favorite mild shampoo (twelve ounces) and mix it with no more than thirty drops of jojoba oil, fifteen drops of tea tree oil, twenty one drops of rosemary oil, twenty one drops of lavender oil, and twenty four drops of carrot oil. Just make sure that if you use this recipe that you massage your scalp gently and that rinse your head well.

Another thing to be aware of with your shampoo, is that it may be your shampoo that is the may be a contributing factor to alopecia. Not that your shampoo is what is causing the alopecia, but that it might be what is irritating your scalp.

The scents and colorants in shampoos and conditioners are often major players in the allergy sweepstakes. If you are already suffering from a compromised immune system, then highly fragranced shampoos may not be good for you.


Another thing to remember is that this is a long term thing. Nothing is going to happen overnight, no matter what treatment options you and your doctor decide on. So if you are using a top of the line alopecia shampoo, this is a long haul proposition.

It is going to take perhaps months to see results, just as it would if you were using only Rogaine™ or any other hair restoring or anti-balding remedy. There is no quick fix. However, don't give up yet, there is good news. New breakthroughs are being made every day in research into alopecia areata and its causes.

Just like Rogaine ™ was originally created to treat high blood pressure and found to be even better at promoting hair growth, other studies are being conducted on other treatments, both medical and alternative. The only down side is that it all takes time.

The key to using any treatment, whether it's a medical treatment like Rogaine™ from your doctor or an alopecia shampoo is consistency. Keep using it the way that you are supposed to. Don't give up.

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