Alopecia Areata Reasons And Causes

If you are experiencing patches of hair loss, you are probably wondering about Alopecia Areata reasons and causes. This mouthful, technical name sounds fanciful, but it is a frustrating and often embarrassing problem for people.

Unexpectedly, hair starts coming out in a single area, multiple areas, or as a diffuse pattern of hair loss. In some cases, it is not just on your head - but in other parts of the body. Unfortunately, no one really knows why this happens. Studies are slowly evolving ideas that may lead to future treatments, however.

What we do know is that alopecia appears like an autoimmune condition. The body attacks its own hair follicles seeing them as a foreign body. This suppresses the growth of hair as white blood cells attack the follicle. The hair simply falls out, usually over a very short period of time and in patches. The presence of white blood cells may cause tingling or pain for some sufferers, making matters even worse.

Stressing Out?

If the condition itself was not reason enough to feel frustrated, there is strong evidence that stress can either cause your immune system to move into a hyper state, or worsen the effects of alopecia. So individuals at risk for this recurring problem need to find ways to keep their lives as stress-free as possible. Some people use meditation, aromatherapy, and exercise to help moderate emotions.

Two other factors may answer part of the question of alopecia areata reasons and causes. One is genetics. If someone in your family ever had alopecia, your chances of getting it increase. Secondarily there is serious illness. Virulent diseases can cause your immune system to gear up and go into a hyper active state. In this state, it can attack the body instead of protecting it.

Good News For Alopecia:

The good news for alopecia sufferers is that you will probably only have a few months to live with this condition. During that time you can use various cosmetic answers to cover up the hair loss.

Mild cases require no special treatments. For individuals with more severe hair loss, minoxidil and topical steroids have illustrated various levels of success.

Each person responds differently to treatment, and these approaches should be recommended by your physician or dermatologist and checked regularly for progress and potential side effects.

Steroids in particular can negatively impact your immune system so you will want to watch your health carefully.

In summary, alopecia areata reasons and causes may include autoimmune diseases or response, heredity, and/or pathogens that stimulate a hyper immune response. Many people have this condition; so do not feel like you are alone or without resources. Reach out, educate yourself, and consult with your physician for the best treatments for you.