Alopecia Areata Foundation UK

The Alopecia areata Foundation UK, under the auspices of Alopecia UK is a clearinghouse for information on this intriguing and devastating condition.

They provide an incredible amount of support, both on the local and the national level for sufferers and their loved ones, including a directory of products and services, and a website that is geared toward kids and teens with the condition. There is also a section on their website where they list people who are looking for others who are willing to talk about living with the condition.

By giving interviews and seeing public figures with the alopecia, it helps to demystify the disease and make its sufferers more approachable. Networking and communication provide tremendous support to people with Alopecia.

The Online Community

One of the nice things about any online community is the fact that there are on line forums, where you can talk about your experience with the disease with other people. By sharing your stories and creating a community, you help to ease not only any feelings of loneliness that you may have due to alopecia, but you may help to do the same for others. You can do so in the privacy of your home and remain as anonymous as you want.

Forums are also a great way to share where you found great products to share, like wigs, covers, or shampoos, or what to avoid, like wigs, covers or shampoos.

Websites like the one provided by Alopecia areata foundation UK act as a way to help you get to know others outside of the forums, offering "meet and greets", where groups get together and have an outing. Sometimes it's at a cafe or a pub or a restaurant or it may be a larger gathering, like a convention.

Either way, it gets you into the world, with other people who are in the same boat as yourself, seeing their faces. Putting a face to the name on the screen is a huge boon to boosting both your self respect and theirs. Sharing stories and life experiences off line help make the journey easier.

Up To Date Information

Something else that the Alopecia Areata Foundation UK and Alopecia UK offer on the website is a huge resource library. From books to just links, you can see the research that is being done on alopecia and the treatments that are available and what is working and what is not.

It is always better to know what is being done to make things better, than to sit in the dark and just think that nothing is being done. You can also get advice from them, from support groups, how to cope and how to cover up your alopecia spots. You can even ask an expert.

The idea being is that the Alopecia Areata Foundation UK and Alopecia UK is a one stop clearing house of information, offering as much information as possible so that you can find it quickly and efficiently. A pretty good idea, really, makes it easier than trying to wade through a million websites trying to find the right information.