Alopecia Areata Causes

alopecia areata causes

On one hand, alopecia areata is considered an autoimmune disease where the body attacks the hair follicles, but doctors and scientists do not know why.

On the other hand, alopecia can be caused by medications that combat things like cancer stress. So what is a person to do when trying to figure out why their hair is falling out? First of all, do not panic.

If you are part of the second group, you probably know what the answer is, and were warned that hair loss is a side effect of the medications.

It is a terrible side effect, to be sure, and there is nothing that could have prepared you for the sight of your hair falling out, no matter what they tell you in advance. In your case, the effect is likely temporary.

If you are part of the first group, the ones whose own body begins attacking itself, alopecia may be a symptom of a larger problem. And therein lays the rub. Sometimes alopecia is not the end, but the beginning of a diagnosis.

Other Causes Alopecia Areata Causes

There are other causes of alopecia too. Like do you come from a family that has alopecia or maybe someone in the family has an autoimmune disorder like lupus? Check with you aunts and uncles, your mom and dad. Science is getting better at identifying the genes that trigger the baldness and the autoimmune diseases that go with them. Remember, alopecia is different than male pattern baldness, especially if you are a woman. Most especially if you are a woman!

One key factor in Alopecia Areata causes is stress. If you have alopecia areata, the more stressed you become, the worse the balding can become. While it is true that there is no such thing as a life without stress, there are something's that you can do help de stress your life. Meditation and relaxation techniques, learning to eat well and maintaining a good exercise program are all part of helping keep you happy and healthy, studies show. Happy, healthy people are less stressed and experience fewer breakouts.

The thing is, though, they really do not know what causes alopecia areata. Other than the fact that it is an autoimmune disease and that the body is attacking its own hair follicles, scientists and doctors just do not know why this happens. They keep studying it however, trying to understand, hoping that someday they may find a real cause and then a cure, because once they do that, they will be so much closer to finding a cause and cure to other autoimmune diseases as well.

What You Can Do

There are some things that you can do to help yourself along your journey though, if you are going through this. Remember to eat well and exercise. Drink plenty of water, relax, and do not forget to stop and smell the flowers, and talk to your doctor about any problems that you may be having about this disease.

Alopecia Areata causes are not obvious.

The solutions are not either, but the effects, sadly, tend to be. Become your own best partner and advocate in this journey by taking care of you as your first goal.