Alopecia Areata And Emu Oil

Can Emu Oil Help? People wonder about Alopecia Areata and emu oil as a potential helpmate. Alopecia Areata is a type of hair loss that reflects an inflammatory response in the body.

Emu Oil is frequently used for its anti- inflammatory properties and topical wound healing properties. Inflammation and other autoimmune symptoms respond well to supplements and anti-inflammatory ointments like Emu oil. The rationale of Alopecia Areata and Emu Oil is that if Emu Oil does moderate the inflammation caused by Alopecia's autoimmune response the symptoms may decrease and possibly even turn it off.

Alopecia Areata is the technical name for hair loss that occurs on the scalp. It can occur as a single area of hair loss, multiple areas, or as a diffuse pattern of hair loss. In some cases, it manifests as hair loss in other parts of the body. Evidence suggests that your body attacks its own hair follicles and suppresses the growth of hair.

Research shows that white blood cells cluster around the follicles as if they were an infection in Alopecia sufferers, causing inflammation and hair loss. Symptoms include tingling of the skin or painful skin in the affected area, hair falling out easily and in some cases the finger nails may become thin and brittle.

Why Me?

The exact causes are not well known but there is reason to believe that stressors and other factors cause the immune system to move into a hyper state. The overly active immune system begins to attack the body, focusing on hair follicles. There is some speculation that the body mistakenly identifies its own hair as a foreign invader. In some instances, a sudden onset of an especially virulent disease can trigger this type of response. Studies have also shown that it is more common in families with one or more members who have alopecia.

Using Emu Oil

In considering Alopecia Areata and emu oil, it's good to remember that typically the condition is relatively short lived and the hair usually grows back after a few months. In mild cases it often goes away without treatment. Due to the stigma often attached to hair loss and balding especially among women, this condition can be a significant impact to the self-image.

Treatment for cosmetic reasons and to suppress additional autoimmune conditions may be desirable if the condition is moderate to severe and does not spontaneously regress. Applying Emu oil to the affected regions is one possible approach.

Symptoms that persist or are semi permanent often receive more dramatic treatments including using topical steroids, injectable steroids, and minoxidil. Treatment has been somewhat effective with steroids and similar medications. Unfortunately, steroids suppress the immune system so much that it leaves you vulnerable to becoming ill. They also have unfavorable side effects like insomnia and weight gain.

Alopecia Areata And Emu Oil

Emu oil has illustrated beneficial effects in some studies. The difficulty is finding standardized formula's that can consistently deliver the same concentration of beneficial bioactive ingredients. Typically, the key is to find a distributor who insists on dealing only with reputable wholesalers, wholesalers who voluntarily subscribe to lab testing and publish those results are usually more expensive.

Consumers often don't realize the true value and buy supplements based on price alone. This is one instance where the price point may, indeed, indicate overall effectiveness.

Educating the consumer on the value of dealing with reputable wholesalers and nutritional suppliers can be difficult. Read your labels and talk to other people who have tried Emu oil. Overall it's a great skin care product, provided it's the real deal, even for people who don't have skin conditions.