Alopecia Areata And Biotin

Can Alopecia Areata and Biotin work harmoniously to help with hair loss? Alopecia Areata is a condition that triggers hair loss caused by the immune system that mistakenly targets hair follicles and decreases the growth of hair.

Biotin is a naturally occurring B vitamin that promotes hair growth and other cell growth. It seems almost natural to consider Biotin as one approach that may balance the hair loss from Alopecia. It is certainly a less dramatic approach and safer than using steroids. While studies indicate that steroids often do provide relief from alopecia, they cause weight loss and irritability. By comparison Biotin has no ill side effects at all.

The Technicalities Of Alopecia

Alopecia Areata is the fancy term for hair loss that occurs on the scalp. It can occur as a single area of hair loss, multiple areas, or as a diffuse pattern of hair loss. In some cases it manifests as hair loss in other parts of the body. Evidence from on-going studies suggests it is an autoimmune condition. The body attacks its own hair follicles and suppresses the growth of hair, usually in small patches. Some sufferers experience tingling skin or painful skin in the affected area and fingernails that become thin and striated.

The exact causes are not well known yet. Many physicians feel that physical and emotional stresser trigger the immune system into hyper drive. The overly active immune system begins to attack hair follicles instead of protecting the body. For whatever reason, white blood cells identify the hairs as foreign invaders.

Harsh diseases sometimes create this type of physical response, but for most people alopecia seems to appear out of thin air, which makes it twice as frustrating. In some cases, a biotin deficiency can contribute to the cause and the hair loss can be a symptom of the deficiency. No matter the cause, alopecia areata and Biotin are worthy of a second look.

How Quickly Does Alopecia Go Away?

Here's the good news. Typically, this condition is relatively short lived and the hair usually grows back after a few months. In mild cases, it often goes away without treatment. That doesn't make it any more comfortable and probably leaves you looking for some cosmetic answers in the interim, but it's better than having to use medications like steroids that can do some serious damage to your body.

Minoxidil is one option that's been shown to regrow hair and received FDA approval for that purpose. Alopecia Areata and Biotin, as well as other broad spectrum B vitamins may be a solution to some sufferers. The exact mechanism is not known but it is believed that the B vitamins moderate the chemical response of the body and decrease the effects of stress.

Biotin can be taken alone as a single supplement or as part of a B-Vitamin multi formula. In particular vitamin B-6 supports a healthy immune system and vitamin B-12 helps brain and nervous system functions, which may impact stressors.

If you're thinking of trying Biotin or vitamin B, it's a good idea to consult with your physician to be sure its not counter-indicated based on any other treatments or protocols you're following.