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Alopecia Areata Alcohol Connection

The Alopecia Areata alcohol link gives you an insight into how small changes like diet can influence your condition. Alopecia Areata produces thinning hair or bald spots on the body. Drinking alcohol reduces your ability to handle illness and recover from this skin condition. You should always find reliable sources of information on alopecia areata before beginning any treatment.

Alcohol works against your body's natural healing in several ways.

  • First, the stress of processing a toxin out of your body increases the work your body is doing. Over time, this can wear out your body's strength. Skin is the largest organ of the body and can show signs of distress when your body is overworked. Skin conditions can happen just after your body deals with an illness or shock to the system.
  • Second, alcohol can reduce your immune system's ability to handle troublesome illnesses.
  • Third, alcohol interferes with your body's ability to use antioxidants the right way. Antioxidants are compounds in your body that prevent damage and breakdown within the cells.

Some patients notice that drinking alcohol can intensify another skin condition called psoriasis. Psoriasis consists of dry red patches and scaly skin, especially on the scalp and ears. Eliminating alcohol from your diet is not a guarantee for treatment, however. Very few studies have been able to prove that Alopecia Areata alcohol link. Most of the evidence that alcohol affect the skin diseases comes from personal experiences and not scientific studies.

What You Can Do

Reducing the stress in your life and eating a healthy diet may not cure Alopecia Areata, but it can certainly give your body a fighting chance against disease. The right nutrition and lifestyle can help you feel better overall, which will likely show up in your skin's health as well. While the environment you live in can trigger the beginning of alopecia, the actual cause is believed to be partly genetic and partly autoimmune. Autoimmune diseases happen when the body's natural defense system begins to attack itself.

Research any skin condition carefully and get all the information you can on treatment options. There is no clear cure for alopecia, but many companies claim high success rates to increase sales. Check the active ingredients and effectiveness of any treatment with your doctor. Most treatments have at least a few side effects. Ask questions about any treatment you are considering before you begin.

Alopecia Treatments

Your treatment may reduce symptoms of hair loss, but keep in mind that many treatments must continue in order to keep up the good work.

Once you stop using a treatment your hair loss may return.

Experienced and reliable sources of information should deal with your specific kind of alopecia.

While the Alopecia Areata alcohol link may be unproven, you can make small changes in health and diet to improve your body's ability to handle environmental stress.



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