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Alopecia Alternative Treatments

The Holistic Natural Approach For Alopecia - People with alopecia have some basic remedial actions they can take based on clinical advice like topical steroids and injection therapy.

However, such methods are typically reserved for serious cases, most patients just have to wait for the outbreak to end and hair to start growing again. That means that alopecia alternative treatments may be worth looking into. While the holistic, natural approach may not work for everyone, these approaches have the benefit of being non-intrusive, and private.

What You Can Do

  1. Avoid Stress And Learn To Relax
    The first thing you can do to deter alopecia outbreaks or shorten their length is avoiding stress. Anything that helps decrease tensions levels here is GOOD. Try meditation, relaxation exercises like deep breathing, hypnosis and perhaps even acupressure and massage therapy. There is a very strong correlation between alopecia severity and anxiety, so find one of these approaches that you like, recognizing that even if it doesn't help your alopecia it's very good for your overall well-being to release tension.
  2. Try Aloe Vera
    For individuals who have painful or itchy alopecia, aloe treatments might offer relief. Aloe Vera has a natural anti-inflammatory capacity that soothes irritated hair follicles. Taken internally aloe supports your immune system and provides anti-viral protection. Some studies indicate that using aloe for androgentic alopecia might stimulate hair growth too.
  3. Get More Sun
    A third option is getting out into the sun as an Alopecia alternative treatment. The theory here is that because UV radiation decreases skin immune cells, that it could also deter some of the effects of alopecia. If you're going to try this its advisable to still use some SPF lotion so you do not burn, which is not only irritating but may create scarring that only exasperates the problem. Another alopecial alternative therapy like sunlight may be heat, like the chemical treatments applied in dermatology clinics.

Vitamins For Treating Alopecia

If you're looking for a possible alopecia vitamin, Zinc supplements are another choice. Various trials have been conducted in Europe using zinc sulfate. The reason for this is that some people suffering from alopecia seem to have a zinc deficiency. There's also evidence to suggest that zinc modulates the immune system, helping it to self-correct. It's wise, however, to get consultation on the recommended dosage for your body as too much zinc isn't good for you.

Externally vitamin creams like Vitamin E also help the body modulate the immune system. Currently no clinical trials on alopecia areata that involve ingested or topical vitamins exist. Most vitamin supplements are safe when utilized as directed, however some vitamins become toxic when you take too much. This is another good time to consult with an expert before trying any vitamin products.

Aspirin As Alopecia Alternative Treatments

Even aspirin is used for Alopecia alternative treatments. An inexpensive and safe alopecia alternative therapy is good-old aspirin. We know that aspirin reduces inflammation and acts to regulate the immune system. Some people make it into a poultice and apply it directly to the scalp, while others introduce one a day to their routine internally.

Try mixing the aspirin poultice with a few drops of evening primrose oil and black currant oil, both of which provide omega-6 fatty acids. While the effectiveness of this blend has only been discussed subjectively, some people feel it helps skin irritation and improves the health of neighboring health follicles.



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Alopecia Alternative Treatments January 6, 2011