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Allen Iverson is a person that has been noted for his famous hairstyles throughout the years. This basketball legend is a highly devoted businessman who has faced tremendous challenges throughout his career.

allen iverson hairstyle with braids

One of his creative outlets is that which involves changing his hairstyle.

Allen Iverson has sported many different types of hairstyles throughout his career, and here we will note some of the most popular ones.

These styles can be attributed to the talent and the creativity of the hairstylist, Dionne Matthews.

This hair professional averages a visit to Mr. Iverson at least twice a week in order to fix his hair. One of the first hairstyles that Allen Iverson wore was that in which he completely shaved his head. The bald style really complimented his appearance, but failed to offer the creative advantage of adding other styles to his look easily.

He is noted for this style early in his career while in college in Georgetown. This style gave him the look of maturity and appeal, but as time progressed, he decided to allow his hair to grow out so that he could exhibit more personality in his hairstyles.

The next hairstyle that Allen Iverson sported was what many refer to as the "mini afro”. Naturally, this is a basic afro hairstyle, but it is kept cut short to the head and the top of the head has the most hair. The sides of the hair are kept cut short.

While Allen really enjoyed this hairstyle during the time that he had it, he now looks back on it as a style that he does not care to wear anymore. However, this is largely contributed to the fact that times have changed since he wore this style. As time changes, hairstyles change. This is a common fact among all the hairstyles that many elect to wear.

As time progressed, and Allen Iverson let his hair grow out, he sported the basic afro. He was actually pictured on the cover of SLAM magazine wearing this hairstyle. This requires really long hair that is basically even all the way around. Once the proper hair length is accomplished, a pick can be used to separate the strands and make them stand out.

Allen really enjoys this particular hairstyle because he stands out in a crowd. He really likes attention, and being "cool”, so this style is among one of his favorites. Once the afro got a little old, Allen decided to change his hair again. This time, he went with a tight line row hairstyle. This was a very popular style in the late 90’s. This was the first time that Iverson ever experimented with the ever-popular cornrow hairstyle.

The hair is simply braided in a straight front to back way, close to the head. He is noted as being the first player in the league that he played in to have this particular hairstyle. Iverson loved this particular hairstyle so much that he continues to enjoy it. However, his designs have become more creative over the years in order to exhibit flair and originality.

We have seen Allen Iverson wear many different types of right cornrow hairstyles. He has done triangular braids, wavy braids, x rows, cross rows, maze rows, and more! When it comes to creative, cutting-edge styles Allen Iverson is the most popular man for the job!

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allen iverson hairstyles
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Allen Iverson Hairstyles And Pictures

Just Some Of The Styles That Have Been Worn By Allen:
Afros Both Short And Long, Bald, Clean Cut/Short And Neat

Allen Iverson Hairstyles - Braided Styles
Expanding Rows, Horizontal Thin Rows, Center Braids, Wavy Braids, Line Rows, Triangle Braids



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