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All The Divas

All the Divas, once a Diva, always a Diva, here are memorable Divas, their fashion and their style.

Diva Legends

We think if a women makes the Diva list, it does not matter if she is voted number one or number 100. And there are far more than 100.

The term 'diva' has gone a long way since being used as a descriptive term for a very successful opera singer.

Today, the term 'diva' translates to a female celebrity who has perfected her craft and is well-respected by peers in her industry while being looked up to by thousands of fans.

Do You Have Diva Potential?

Eva Longoria

Would you like to become a diva? Or at least, would you want to be acquainted with the few well-known divas of all time?

This section will grow to cover hundreds of celebrities who qualify to be called a 'diva' due to perfecting their craft and the huge legacy they have made (or are still making) that have changed the face of the music, performing arts, and showbiz industry.

We will rememer well-known celebrities who are dubbed top divas of their time or in ours.

Aside from providing you with a fun and entertaining read, All The Divas will help you learn how to become a diva if you want to become one.

We will give you interesting info on all your favorite diva celebrities and help you to emulate their fashion, makeup, or hairstyle choices throughout the years.

If you want a life of glamour and the masses constantly looking up to you, then begin the diva life by knowing your would-be peers and learn from their contributions to the world of beauty and glam.

For Ladies Divas And Dames

Nicole Kidman Glam

Diva Style

Super Diva Adele
Super Diva Adele
We loved Adele from the start with her Bouffant hairstyle and cat's eyes, Her style was fresh and broke free of any Hollywood molds
Iconic Diana Ross
Diana Ross
The iconic Diana Ross, her style took her far and she still enchants us with her signature styles
Diva Eleizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor will always be a diva legend, she has been a Queen, A Princess, A Dame, and a maiden

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All The Divas
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January 2, 2013

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