Alfre Woodards Hairstyle Elegance For Mature Black Women

Alfre Woodard is a celebrity who has been around Hollywood for a number of years. With age, both Alfre’s looks as well as her hairstyle seem to ripen and just keep getting better.

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Instead of fighting her gathering maturity, Alfre Woodard has done what every woman should do- she works with what she’s got and the end results are sensational.

Alfre’s gently flicked, medium length hairstyle is a fitting cut for African American women of all ages. The height is very flattering for a slightly more mature face while the flicked ends add a young, lighthearted element to the hairstyle.

Whether you are an African American woman with curly locks or your tresses fall on the straight side, you can wear a wavy, flicked hairstyle like Alfre’s. Despite the fact that Alfre Woodwards hairstyle looks immaculately put together, this hairstyle is defined as having a messy look.

Although you can achieve a messy hairstyle in a few different manners, in Alfre’s case, her organized chaos comes from edgy layers throughout her hair. They may seem as though they were an after thought, but even Alfre’s bangs are an important part of her haircut.

Alfre’s bangs are wispy and light, which is a perfect way to draw attention away from a high forehead. You can attempt to have your stylist recreate Alfre Woodard’s wavy, flicked hairstyle no matter what hair type that you have, however it will hold best on women who’s hair texture is medium to thick.


Styling Steps- Alfre Woodards Hairstyle

Style Hair Steps Wash your hair with products made for your hair type.
Style Hair Steps Distribute a dab of hair moisturizer evenly through your locks working from the mid-lengths to the ends.
Style Hair Steps Follow this up with sculpture lotion applied in the same manner. This will offer your hair an additional amount of style hold.
Style Hair Steps Comb your hair in the direction of your choice.
Style Hair Steps Use clips to section your locks around your head. It is always a preferable method of styling to work with smaller sections of hair at one time.
Style Hair Steps When blow-drying, you will want to use a small radial brush. Small radial brushes will offer a generous amount of volume and wave.
Style Hair Steps Kick out the back of your hair while drying. If your goal is to end up with high, full flicks, roll the ends of your locks into the brush and dry for a slightly extended amount of time.
Style Hair Steps The sides that frame near the back and around your face should be kicked out when drying as well.
Style Hair Steps Style in a leftward direction with your dryer while still working in sections. Begin at the roots of your locks and turning your dryer to low, pull your brush towards the ends of your hair working towards the left.
Style Hair Steps Repeat this process on the right side of your head.
Style Hair Steps When you dry your crown, lift at the roots to implement even more body into your hairstyle.
Style Hair Steps The bangs of your hairstyle will be dried forward carefully.
Style Hair Steps When your locks are dry, vigorously massage hair wax into the back of your tresses in a circular motion. This will offer you the messy look that you want.
Style Hair Steps The sides of your hair should be gently flicked with wax on your fingers.
Style Hair Steps Lift the roots of your hair with the wax for body and height. Then move to the front of your head and style that bangs of your cut forward with wax.
Style Hair Steps Mist with hairspray.

Enjoy, Alfre Woodards Hairstyle


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