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Alex Pettyfer Hair

Alex Pettyfer hair styles are modern and trendy styles that are casual, yet hip enough for a British model and actor.

Alex Pettyfer, Casual Surfer Style

This Alex Pettyfer hair style is somewhat close to a casual surfer hairstyle but has an added edge that makes it modern.

Although there are a few styling steps involved, the work needed to achieve Alex Pettyfer's trendy hairstyle are not overwhelming and can be easily done at home.

Alex Pettyfer's hairstyle is worn just past his jaw and has razored ends which give his hair texture and depth and which also allow his hair to be flicked out creating the trendy charm this style is full of.

There are many layers of varying lengths clipped in throughout his hairdo which offer shape and volume so that his style does not fall flat and prevents it from being plain and boring.

With long, casually swept to the side bangs and an off center part, this modern hairstyle is youthful and hip but can be easily worn anywhere.

Like many modern men, this Alex Pettyfer hair style makes use of highlights and lowlights throughout his locks to offer definition, depth and playfulness.

Coloring hair is not just for females any longer, males are finding out that by experimenting subtly with color, they can create whole new looks.

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