Airbrush Makeup Is A Good Choice For Older Women

Airbrush makeup can help you feel and look like a movie star – even if it's just for an evening.

One way to really treat yourself is to have your makeup airbrushed on by a professional airbrush makeup artist.

Airbrushed makeup will leave your skin looking smooth and flawless for hours and hours, and is quickly becoming a favorite pick of older women for weddings and formal occasions.

The Airbrush Makeup System

While an airbrush is technically just another brush in the makeup artist's arsenal, the application is quite different than traditional methods.

It is usually a bit more costly as well, though most who have had it done with tell you it's well worth the price.

It's certainly a strange sensation at first though having your foundation applied in a tickly spray.

Tiny droplets of specially formulated foundations are sprayed through an airbrush gun and onto the skin with the aid and air pressure of a compressor.

The makeup is applied with a smooth hand movement in very thin layers that can varied for greater or lesser coverage according to your specific needs.

The thin layer allows the makeup to disappear and blend with pores and gives porcelain, flawless appearance, and when applied over a foundation primer the results will last and last.

Airbrush Makeup Kits

For those of you without access to hiring a pro, compressor and all, there are a number of alternatives.

Simplest and most cost effective is the aerosol foundations offered by brands like Sally Hansen, MAC, and Classified, who also offers spray-on blushes and bronzers.

If you do go the DIY route, keep in mind that excessive powdering for touch-ups will build-up and not be your best friend.

Instead, try blotting papers or film to just keep your face fresh and fabulous without depositing more product. Lightweight Airbrush makeup is both good for your skin and for your looks.

airbrush makeup

Airbrush Makeup Foundation

There are two different types of foundation that are airbrush appropriate – water based and silicone based – and there are definite pros and cons to both.

Silicone based foundations are waterproof, and therefore a popular choice with brides particularly. They impart a more natural dewy "glow" than water based foundations which tend towards a more matte finish.

Some people do have allergies to products containing silicone, so that should be a factor in your decision making as well.

Once your foundation has set, the rest of your makeup can be applied using the more traditional methods and they will blend just as they would normally, and concealer is often applied between airbrushing layers for slightly more coverage.

Another option is to mix a bit of airbrush grade foundation with your regular foundation color for a sun kissed glow.

Many professional makeup artists are also very skilled at seamless contouring with the aid of an airbrush and some can apply everything from bronzer to blush to eye shadow through their airbrush guns!

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Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: March 19, 2015

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