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Aidan Quinn Hair

Aidan Quinn is a mature male celebrity who makes all of the right choices when it comes to his hair.

Aidan Quinn's hair is not as thick as it once was and instead of trying to fight that fact, he opts instead to work with his fine locks which in turn creates a hairstyle that he can be proud of.

The mistake that so many men make when time takes its toll of the thickness of their hair is to panic and try styles such as a comb over to disguise their not so hearty tresses.

Most of the time, this ploy fails miserably and they end up looking a lot worse than they have to. A man like Aidan Quinn however, has discovered that mature male hairstyles can mask thinning locks while offering a look that is very flattering.

Aidan's mature male hairstyle is short, but not cropped so close that you are aware of how fine his hair is. Rather, there is some gentle ruffling through the front and crown. This fullness helps to hide any thinning that is taking place.

A hairstyle like Aidan Quinn's for mature men is suitable for all occasions and is easy to maintain while offering the appearance of fullness.

The mature male hairstyle that Aidan Quinn wears, is neat enough for the most corporate male, yet the gentle tousling throughout allows it to retain a youthful edge that is incredibly fun.

Style Aidan Quinn Hair

  • Wash your hair with products made for your hair type
  • Towel dry gently and use your fingers to work a dollop of styling mousse or gel through damp hair
  • Use a comb to arrange your hair as desired, tousling gently through the front for as much of a gently messy effect as you want
  • Alternately, you can blow dry your hair with the dryer set to low, tousling your hair with your fingertips as you dry


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Aidan Quinn Hair

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