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Age 40 Hairstyles

Featuring Kate Walsh

age 40 hairstyles

Actress Kate Walsh sports a funky layered style that is young and fun for age 40 hairstyles. It is a look that holds an abundance of charm and that is also so very versatile.

All women want their hair to look out of this world, that however does not mean that they want to give up having a good time with age 40 hairstyles. Kate Walsh and her funky layered hairstyle show that it is easy to do both.

A funky layered hairstyle like Kate’s contains layers that were clipped from the mid point down to her ends which gives ample opportunity to create hairdos that show off natural wave.

Kate Walsh’s funky layered hairstyle holds a left part which is perfect for women who have longer face shapes as it offers a slight illusion of width.

After all, age 40 hair hairstyles shoul be a way that you can show the world a touch of your personality without having to say a word. A funky layered hairstyle like Kate Walsh’s lets people know that you are playful and full of style. Enjoy, age 40 hairstyles






style steps hairstyles for older women

Wash your hair with products made for your own hair type

Fill your palm with a generous amount of styling mousse and distribute evenly throughout damp locks

Use the edge of your comb and work from the middle of your left eye backward to create a center part

Blow dry using a round brush always working in small sections.

Flick your ends over while drying and lift when you are blowing your roots so you can add height, volume and texture

Use the brush to flip various sections of the ends of your hair over, while doing other ones under, this will create the funky, tousled look you are after

When your hair is dry, use hot rollers that are large to roll small sections of your hair into a vertical position

Remove your rollers and run your hands with a small dab of smoothing shine between your palms over your hair from about mid way down to the ends

Arrange your curls with your fingers until you are satisfied with the style and then mist lightly with hair spray


kate walsh hairstyle

Age 40 Hairstyles
Listed October 23 2009

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