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African American Prom Hairstyles For Your Special Night

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Hairstyle Ideas
For Your Prom, Grad, And Homecoming

There are a large number of African American prom hairstyles that are stylish and will add a touch of flair to your special night.

As a teenage girl looking to sport your best style to your prom, you have the unique ability to stand out in a large crowd. This can be achieved by using the unique characteristics of your hair to your advantage. Your hair has a more coarse structure, is typically tighter, and is a bit drier than other types of hair, so you can actually create many unique looks just by playing around a little bit.

Here, I will share with you a few ideas that you may be able to use when searching through African American prom hairstyles that are right for your debut! If you just take a look around at popular African American celebrities such as Beyonce, and others you will see that there are many glamorous hairstyles that can transform you into a star on your prom night.

curly black prom hairstyleYou can choose a short, medium, or long hairstyle. You can go with a flat style, or you can add height for a "taller" appearance. You may even like to go with a jazzy curly style, or a sweet wave. The choice that you make should depend on the look that you are trying to achieve, the gown that you will be wearing, and even the overall theme that you want to project in your appearance.

Many go with African American prom hairstyles that are swept up. There are many unique ways that this can be done. If you have short hair, you can go with an up style that includes a curly, wavy, or short weave ponytail.

You may also choose to go with a bun type hairstyle with the sides lingering down to highlight the face and the neckline. If you have medium hair or long hair, you can still choose an up style, or you can let the hair down. If you want a "bouncy" look, you can even add special conditioning shampoo to make the hair texture softer and full of energy.

You may want to color your hair for the special occasion. There are many unique color blends to choose from, ranging from natural to youthful and vibrant. I suggest picking a dress that will blend in with the overall theme of your prom. Once this has been done, decide on a color that is most appropriate for you. You may consider your natural skin color, as well as the colors that will be used at the prom.

Once this is completed, you should choose a hair color blend that will match your prom attire. By doing this, you are carefully blending all colors that are relative to your prom ensemble to ensure that you look your best.

There are many different types of African American prom hairstyles. If you will be attending your prom, the hairstyle that you choose can really set off your entire look. Considering that the high school prom is truly a once in a lifetime experience, it is absolutely imperative that you choose the one that is most complimentary to you as a person. If you are having trouble choosing an African American prom hairstyle, view the hairstyle pictures below and flip through the pages on this web site for some excellent ideas.

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african american romantic prom hairstyle
  • african american romantic prom hairstyle
    Create a romantic look, all to one side with soft tousled curls or waves
  • african american all up prom hairstyle
    All up and off the face for a classic updo
  • african american trendy prom hairstyle
    Style a trendy look by combining 2 hair textures
  • african american high half up half down prom hairstyle
    Need to look taller, try this half up half down style to add height
  • african american casual prom hairstyle
    If you want a fuss free casual style flat iron straight and smooth
  • african american short updso prom hairstyle
    Take short hair to an updo, bangs and top are styled into big curls with lots of volume
  • african american medium prom hairstyle
    Style medium length hair into controlled curls
  • african american prom hairstyle
    Another way to style shorter hair into an updo, part hair at back horizontally, clip top half up
  • african american popular prom hairstyle
    Always popular, all up with long controlled curls

african american romantic prom hairstyle


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