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African American Hair Care Can Be A Struggle On A Daily Basis

The African American hair is well known for its sophistication and complicated care.

Normally, the scalp secretes various fluids or oils that will feed the hair and hydrate it.

It all starts from the root and goes to the edge of the hair. When the hair is very curly, the fluids don't have the power to reach the edges. This is when the hair becomes dry and getting a particular hairstyle is a pain.

African American hair care is therefore very ambitious. In order to understand the process, try to imagine the more common split edges of curly hair most ladies deal with.

The process is similar but a lot more aggressive. Even when the care is appropriate and the hair gets the humidity and nutrients it needs, such operations must be performed on a regular basis.

African American hair care also deals with the structure of the hair, which is a drawback as well when it comes to maintaining the moisture.

Hydration Is Key

Caring for African American hair is based on moisture and humidity. This is the key. Whether you count on water or special hair products, you need it as this type of hair requires daily attention.

You may be the lucky owner of a sophisticated head of hair, but dealing with it can be a nightmare too. Drink enough water and always stay hydrated.

Normally, you need at least 2 liters of water per day, but if you feel dehydrated, practice sports and so on, drink as much as you need. Also, hydrate your hair before you go to sleep.

You don't need to get it entirely wet, simply atomize a little water on your hair.

Do the same before combing it too. African American hair care often needs to include a special treatment once a month as well.

Whether you do it at home or at a professional saloon, rely on some warm oil or a powerful balsam, it depends on you.

Ask for the hairdresser's opinion. When it comes to washing the hair, two times a week is more than enough. Continue

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May 8, 2012
Published June 8, 2011

Use Appropriate Hair Products

If you have ever wondered why your hair care is so complicated it is because of the structure of the hair. Other types of hair have one special characteristic.

Some are thin, while others are sturdy. Some are greasy, while others are dry. Well, African American hair tends to be both thin and sturdy.

This is why it is so curly and hard to deal with. Therefore, stick to such special hair products, whether you want a shampoo or a balsam.

Avoid the petroleum based products as they have the tendency to close the pores on the scalp, which is the last thing you want.

Instead, opt for naturist products, made out of natural and organic ingredients like olive, jojoba or sunflower oil.



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