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African American Boys Locs

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African American Boys Locs Hairstyles

Locs are an easy hairstyle for boys but it does take some getting used to.

african american boys locs

You should explain that locs are permanent and the only way to remove them is to cut them off. If your boy is happy about this, you can go ahead and make locs..

Some kids have finer hair than adults so the method of making locs might vary. Some people wash their hair every day to make the locs set but with finer-haired kids, this might make them come loose.

How to Locs

The hair needs to be at least three inches in length before you attempt to make locs.

Wash the hair with a pH balanced shampoo and let it dry naturally. Next, section the hair. You can use large sections for wide locs or smaller sections for smaller ones. Backcomb the sections and rub them between the palms, applying dread wax at the same time.

Alternatively you might prefer to take your boy to a loctitian and have the locs done by a professional, especially if he is not happy to sit still for hours while you experiment with his hair, never having done it before!

African American Boys Locs and Lice

As well as the possible problem of itching caused by residue, a common loc problem is lice. This is a common problem for kids whether they have locs or not because if one kid in the school has lice, they usually spread to all of them, but lice can be trickier to remove from a loc hairstyle.

You can buy anti-lice shampoo from the pharmacy if there is an infestation but because lice can hide in locs much more readily than in normal hair, you might have to remove the locs if the infestation becomes bad.

To avoid lice, boys should use their own hair products including combs and towels and never share with anyone else. Spray rosemary oil on to the locs if you suspect lice because locs hold the smell for a long time and lice hate the smell of rosemary. Tea tree oil is another alternative. Many people have locs for years though and do not have any lice problems.

How to Locs

Look after African American boys' locs, when the locs are new, wash them once a week for a month, then you can wash them every few days. Make sure you use a shampoo that removes residue.

Kids tend to get dirty and roll around in stuff so it is important to massage the scalp when shampooing the locs, to make sure all the dirt is removed. If you do not remove the dirt and lint, the scalp might start to itch and the locs will look dirty and dull.

Just massage the scalp rather than the locs themselves. Most shampoos are formulated to untangle hair and if you have locs, this is the opposite of the effect you will want! The water will run over the locs when you wash the scalp anyway and clean them. Make sure you rinse the hair well.

Locs are a great style for African American boys because once the loc transition stage is over, they are easy to care for and a cool, funky, modern style which is still widely popular.

African American Boys Locs

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