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Aerobic Conditioning And Heart Health

Aerobics Conditioning Exercise For Heart Health

The distinction between aerobic and anaerobic exercise is important because each delivers different health benefits and improves your conditioning in different ways.

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Aerobic workouts, on the whole, are best for improving your overall stamina, keeping yourself lean, and strengthening your cardiovascular system; anaerobic workouts are generally best for toning and sculpting the physique, increasing raw strength, and building muscle mass.

Make Aerobic Conditioning A Priority

This being the case, nearly all health experts would encourage you to make aerobic conditioning your first priority, then move on to anaerobic (or strength) training later.

You see, though all exercise tends to strengthen a specific muscle or group of muscles, aerobic exercise zeroes in on the most important muscle of all—the heart.

When you condition yourself aerobically, the walls of your heart actually thicken and the muscle itself becomes more efficient and more powerful, allowing you to do the same amount of work at a lower pulse rate than before. In time, other cardiovascular benefits follow. Your overall blood volume increases, your circulation improves, and new capillaries branch out from existing ones to help transport the now-abundant output of your super-efficient heart.

Aerobics Conditioning Raises Your Metabolism

Of course, aerobic conditioning exercise would rank as a health (and beauty!) must on the basis of the above-mentioned benefits alone. But that’s not nearly the end of the story. For starters, an aerobically fit body is a body with a high metabolism rate, meaning that it burns more calories during inactive period5 and sleep than it would otherwise.

A good workout, in fact, will stimulate your metabolism for several hours afterward, causing calories to be consumed at a faster than normal rate long after you’ve showered and left the gym. In addition, aerobic activity helps clear fats (called triglycerides) from the bloodstream, and promotes a more favorable cholesterol balance in those who exercise regularly.

Still not sold?

Then consider this : A surprisingly small investment of time and effort in aerobic training will also pay big dividends in the form of leaner, shapelier muscles, better posture, and improved resistance to illnesses both minor and major.

Body Exercise Tips

What is the best exercise for you, aerobic or anerobic? Both can offer you great health benefits. Featured exercise video: Spinning : Great Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic vs Anaerobic Exercise

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