Adriana Karembeu Hairstyles

adrianna-karebeu-hairstyleAlthough the medical profession may have lost out, the beauty industry received a huge boost when Adriana Karembeu dropped out of medical school to pursue modeling.

With her thick blonde locks and big blue eyes there is no doubt why this lovely lady turns heads.

For her foray into AMFAR’s Cinema against AIDS event, Adriana chose to style her locks into a frisky half back half down hairstyle.

This look is slightly risque enough to be interesting yet tame enough to remain proper.

Adriana pinned back half of her hair calling attention to her chiseled cheekbones.

The remaining locks were curled and loose. Artfully created tendrils caress her face in a lovely frame of cascading ringlets.

Adriana does have some natural curl to her hair, which makes it rather simple for her to make this hairstyle happen. She chooses to use rollers to take her locks to the next level and you can opt to do the same.

Wavy or even straight tresses are not reason enough to get in your way of forming your hair into a half back half down hairstyle like Adriana Karembeu’s.

It is not just the curl that she was fortunate enough to be born with that allows Adriana’s curls to look so enchanting.

Carefully crafted short layers throughout her locks are also useful in keeping waves and curls just where you want them to be.

Heart, diamond, oval, square, oblong and heart shaped face shapes will be immensely flattered by a long, half back half down curly hairstyle like Adriana Karembeu’s. You do not have to have tresses that flow as long as Adriana’s do to create this half back half down hairstyle. As long as you posses enough length to pull your locks back and curl what remains down you are all set.


Styling Steps - Adriana Karembeu's Hairstyle

Style Hair Steps Wash and towel dry your hair before misting lightly with spray gel.
Style Hair Steps Rub sculpture lotion between your palms and smooth through your locks making sure the product is consistent throughout.
Style Hair Steps Attach a diffuser to your blow-dryer and dry your hair while moving the locks apart with your fingers. Dry your hair from the top downward to prevent limp locks.
Style Hair Steps Set your hair with medium sized hot rollers. Work around your head allowing the rollers to end up against your scalp in a ringlet fashion.
Style Hair Steps Allow the curlers to remain in your hair until they have completely cooled.
Style Hair Steps Remove the rollers and arrange your hair as you wish with your fingers.
Style Hair Steps Apply wax to your fingertips and use care while pinching and piecing the tips of your ends gently.
Style Hair Steps Use the tail end of a comb and start in the middle of your forehead moving backwards to form an even center part. If you find that the shape of your face is short and round, this center part will give you a long, lean look.
Style Hair Steps Take a piece of hair from either side and pin it back to create your half back half down hairstyle.
Style Hair Steps Arrange tendrils of curls around your face.
Style Hair Steps Mist with a liberal amount of hair spray.

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