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Acne Skin Care

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Take Steps to Do Away With Acne

Acne problems? Home remedies, over the counter (OTC) drugs and ointments or prescription drugs? Most people when faced with Acne problems are often confused about what remedies they should opt for.

Acne Solutions

A well informed decision based on the severity of the acne problem is the base line for an effective result. Keep the following tips in mind while deciding on acne remedies.

First and foremost see a physician. A qualified dermatologist/physician can diagnose the exact condition of your acne problem and the factors that influence its occurrence. Based on the severity of the condition, he can rightly guide you to the best suitable remedy. It could be basic home remedies, or OTC medications or prescription drugs. It is very likely that for severe acne condition, your physician will recommend prescription drugs.

Follow the prescription strictly along with other suggestions the doctor may give. This will help you combat the acne problem from its root and also prevent any permanent damage to your skin.

Taking help of a physician is a good idea but some "self-help” is an even better idea. Your doctor maybe a medical expert and may know a lot about your acne problem but you are the expert on yourself! So do a bit of introspection while checking on the following:

Your Hygiene Habits

Which soap or face cleanser do you use? Try changing it to another brand or product. Maybe this will help control acne outbreak.

Clean the acne affected areas more often than you do – the cleaner the skin the better are the chances of acne not surfacing.

Your Dietary Habits

Is your body getting the nutrition required to keep your skin clean and healthy? Is your meal a balanced one? Try including fresh fruits and leafy vegetables to your meal.

Do away with foods that promote acne – spend a little bit of time in researching this topic on the internet. It’s worth the effort. You will be surprised how a small change in food habits can be effective in controlling acne.

Your Medicine Box

Buy some over the counter remedies and add them to your medicine box.
Very often if it is a mild acne outbreak, it will respond extremely well to OTC drugs/ointments and your mirror will reflect a new you with clean and clear skin in just a few days.

Go ahead, start acne skin care today, Make a well informed decision

Acne Causes


What Are The Causes Of Adult And Teen Acne

acne causes

A look at the common causes of Acne, and what causes Acne breakouts during the teen years
Acne Causes



Caring For Acne Prone Skin

acne prone skin modelHere are some tips to help your skin if it is Acne prone. Dos and donts for Acne prone skin types.
Acne Prone Skin




Acne And Pregnancy

acne and pregnancy modelChanging hormones and heredity can cause Acne during pregnancy. Oral contraceptives for birth control can also be the cause of Acne breakouts on normally clear skin.
Acne And Pregnancy



Acne Skin Care

Acne Information


Myths And Misconceptions About Acne

acne myths modelFive common myths about Acne and it's causes in adults and teens.

Acne Myths


Acne Prevention

Tips To Prevent Acne

teen acnePrevention is better than cure, is a very apt saying. If a problem does not occur, there is no hassle of controlling it or curing it. The same applies to acne as well. Let us look at some simple tips to help you prevent acne.

Teen Acne Prevention


acne skin care tips Acne Skin Care Tips
Useful tips for acne skin care and tips on what to avoid for acne skin


Acne Scars
Treating Icepick Scars, Boxcar Scars, Rolling Acne Scars, and Pigmentation Scarring


acne scar skin care Acne Scar Skin Care
There are 4 types of acne scars, acne scars fade or need skin resurfacing treatments for severe acne scarring


Acne Treatments


What Are The Best Acne Medicines

best acne medicine modelThe following drugs have proved especially effective in bringing resistant strains under control and, as a bonus, are usually less drying than conventional treatments.
A look at the pros and cons of: Benzamycin, Azulex, Klaron, and Triaz
Best Acne Medicine


Common ingredients in Over-the-Counter Drugs and Products for Treating Acne and Pimples

acne product ingredientsOver-the-counter (or OTC, for short) acne medications use a variety of drying and antibacterial agents as active ingredients such as Sulfur, Resorcinol, Salicylic Acid, or Benzoyl Peroxide

Acne Product Ingredients


Keeping Acne Under Control - The Most Popular Over-the-Counter Drugs and Prescribed Medications

acne treatments products model

Acne products for Acne treatment can have side effects, from over the counter products to prescription Acne treatments.

Acne Treatment Products


Prescription Acne Medications

prescription acne medication modelThe pros and cons for prescribed acne medications, six prescriptions of most used acne medications: Topical Antibiotics , Oral Antibiotics, Retin A, Avita, Differin, Ortho Tri-CyClen, and Accutafle


Prescription Acne Medication


Acne Skin Care

Natural Treatments For Acne


Natural Acne Skin Care

Here are 8 ways to treat acne without using strong chemicals
Natural Acne Treatments

Types Of Acne


The Most Common Types Of Acne

acne causes model A look at the different types of Acne, Perioral Dermatitis Acne, Acne Rosacea, and Acne Vulgaris, all causes of pimples and zits.
Types Of Acne



types of zits model

A look at the different types of Zits, papules, pustules, whiteheads and black heads and how they are each formed.

The Different Types Of Zits



Adult Acne
Skin Care For Adult Acne

Relax, adult acne is common. It can appear on on the face, shoulders, chest and back. The good news is there are things you can do to avoid the causes of adult acne.

Adult Acne


Acne Skin Care


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