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Acne And Pregnancy

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How acne is related to Pregnancy and birth control – learn better acne skin care

If you have read much at all about acne, you are probably aware pregnant women and women who take certain types of birth control pills sometimes experience hormonally induced breakouts.

But did you know that pregnancy or ingestion of an oral contraceptive can sometimes help clear up acne as well?

Though this might seem contradictory, there are logical reasons that explain why the skin reacts differently under apparently similar circumstances.

Acne And Pregnancy

Let’s start with pregnancy. During the first trimester, an expecting mother undergoes a surge in hormonal activity and therefore produces greater quantities of both female (estrogen) and male (androgen) hormones. If the woman had relatively low levels of male hormones in her system before pregnancy, the increased number of androgens after conception may cause her to break out.

On the other hand, if the woman was acne-prone prior to conception, the increased presence of estrogens may help to offset a previously high androgen level and thereby offer her temporary relief from breakouts.

The effects of pregnancy on a woman’s complexion, then, depend greatly on how it affects her androgen estrogen balance, which, of course, varies from one individual to the next. For most pregnant women, these changes in the tendency to break out or not break out are temporary, seldom lasting beyond the first three months of the term.

The mixed results experienced by women who take oral contraceptives are also based on hormonal "triggers.” Here, the key difference between clearing out and clearing up can be attributed to product ingredients. That’s because birth control pills, like the human body, contain both androgen-like and estrogen-like substances to varying degrees.

Acne And Oral Contraceptives

Oral contraceptives that are more heavily weighted toward the androgen side are known as progesterone-dominant pills; those that are weighted toward the estrogen side are called estrogen-dominant pills. As you might have guessed, progesterone-dominant products are more likely to prompt or worsen acne breakouts, and estrogen- dominant products are more likely to prevent or curtail them.

If you are prone to breakouts and take birth control pills regularly, we believe it makes good sense to choose a drug that will perform double duty as contraceptive and acne medication. In most cases, your gynecologist should be able to prescribe a product that handles both tasks safely and effectively.

Acne And Pregnancy: Acne and Genetics

Severe, deeply embedded acne is often determined by genetics. Not surprisingly, most people who suffer from it have at least one parent who experienced the same problem. Likewise, very stubborn acne commonly plagues those with inherited hormonal conditions such as cystic ovaries and excessive hair growth.

With deeply embedded acne, pores get blocked well below the skin’s surface, so topical treatments may have a difficult time penetrating effectively enough to reach the site of the plug. In these instances, acne is typically treated with stronger oral medications, usually in tandem with a topical drug of one kind or another. For the very toughest cases, a doctor may prescribe Accutane—a powerful oral medication that we will later describe in more detail.

Acne And Pregnancy: By the Numbers

Statistics show that acne vulgaris afflicts more than 80 percent of us at some point during our adolescent years. Remember, too, that acne is not a teens-only condition: Babies get ill N. Adults get zits. Pregnant women get zits. In fact, researchers estimate that more than 90 percent of the general population suffers from one variety of acne or another at least once (and typically, many more times) over the course of their lifetime.

So, while we do not wish to minimize the stress, worry, and embarrassment caused by breakouts, acne sufferers can take some consolation in the fact that nearly everyone around them either is, has been, or will be in a similar situation.

True, that knowledge probably won’t clear up your face for Friday night’s dance, but it does suggest that people won’t be overly shocked or put off when confronted by a blemished complexion. After all, most of them—including your peers—have been there, done that!

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Acne And Pregnancy

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