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Damage Control for Dried-Out Nails

If you’ve learned through "brittle” experience that your nails and skin are sensitive to acetone nail polish remover, of course it makes good sense to look for a polish remover that contains neither acetone nor solvents derived from it.

But let’s say your polish remover is genuinely acetone-free, yet your nails are still as brittle and breakable as over fried bacon.

What then? The first—and most drastic—solution is to quit wearing polish altogether. Sure, this isn’t a great option. But if your nails can’t tolerate acetone nail polish remover without falling to pieces, why even bother to polish them in the first place?

You can opt for the natural look by buffing your nails top a high shine and let them return to a healthy state.

A second remedy—and one that cures many nail ills—is to limit your use of both polish and remover. For starters, never apply polish remover more than once a week, and give your nails a brief 2- or 3-day vacation from all polishes and nail cosmetics at least a couple of times a month.

If that doesn’t work, try the same program with an acetone-free remover that’s loaded with moisturizing agents to counteract the drying effects of the product’s solvent.

Finally, many women overcome dryness and brittleness by soaking their fingertips in warm water or olive oil (yes, the same stuff you mix with vinegar for Italian salad dressing!) for 10 minutes every evening.

If you soak in warm water, lightly pat the nails dry—but not completely dry—with a washcloth or towel, then apply a thick moisturizing cream or lotion to your still-damp nails.

If you soak in olive oil, the oil itself is your moisturizer. Simply work it into the nails with gentle rubbing when you’re through soaking, and dab off any excess with a tissue or cotton ball.


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Nail Polish Remover

nail polish remover sampleWhy polish removers cause damage to your nails and cause nail dryness.
Nail Polish Remover




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