Abygail Williams

by Abygail Grace Williams
(Auburn, WA, United States)

My face, phone back view, no makeup

My face, phone back view, no makeup

My face, phone back view, no makeup My face, no makeup, mirror view My eye Side view

Hello! My name is Abigail Williams and I am 14 years old.

I have an olive/tan complexion, rich brown hair with many natural undertones, (my hair has never been dyed) eyes that are green, turquoise, and in the very center, a golden color.

My face shape is somewhere between heart and square, and my cheekbones are high and defined for a woman, especially one of my age.

I have a smaller, wider nose that has been described as a button nose. My eyes are a cross between almond and round shaped, and my brows are defined, with a natural arch, and no plucking besides a few strays.

My skin is usually clear, though at my age I do get one or two mild blemishes here and there.

I have always been interested in a career in modeling. I love makeup, of any kind, and I love posing for pictures too.

I wash my face when I shower, or in the morning and before bed. I do face masks occasionally, and put on a night cream every evening.

My usual makeup look consists of mascara, a quick eyebrow brush and maybe some loose powder, and on occasion, I'll use a light bronzer under my cheekbones- but I love to experiment!

People have told me I have striking features, both bold and elegant, and it feels nice to be complimented on my features.

My cheekbones, brows, and eyes are frequently mentioned, and I occasionally get my lips. Thank you for reading my submission!

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by: Abygail Williams

Thank you so much, Tanna! I'd love to get in touch with you!

by: Tanna

Hi Abigail,
We think you are absolutely adorable with a face any makeup artist would love to work with.

Thank you for a great submission!

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