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I receive a fair amount of e mail from folks who are considering SBI to start a home based business on the Internet or to move their current online site over to SBI.

As a successful site owner with SBI since 2005 I can confidently tell people to try it out.

It's not that I mind answering inquires, it's just that I love talking SBI and there is no way to summarize all of the benefits about SBI hosting for you in one short reply.

Ask your questions about the most exciting web hosting you will find today to start your home business. The writings on the wall!


Beauty And The Bath is a Five Pillar Affiliate representing SBI. Yes, it is true that Ken Evoy, founder of SBI pays a very generous commission to his Five Pillar Affiliates, the highest in the industry.

Why? Because that is how much he believes in the power of SBI.

Would I recommend and represent SBI without this life long commission? Yes. Because that is how much I believe in the power of SBI and my site is proof. Tanna Mayer

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