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Love Your Naturally Curly Hair

There is something about natural curls that cause women without them to want them and women who have them to wish they didn't have them.

Genetics play a major role in who has curls and who has straight hair, but most hair has a natural wave in it. Curly hair can be the most difficult of all hair types to look after, and if not cared for properly may end up frizzy and untidy. When cared for, a head of curly hair is a look that many women are willing to pay to achieve.

Many women today try to achieve the perfect look by using heat on their hair to help with the styling. Heat does assist the creation of lovely styles, but keep heat for special occasions because that style can come with a price if it requires daily blow drying or flat irons to achieve. Heat dries and damages the hair and over time, damaged hair, especially if it's curly, will become frizzier and look untidy, no matter how nice a style it is cut.

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Humidity and rain can produce curls in hair that are naturally curly and this can add to the unruly look of the hair. Women with curly hair need to moisturize and condition their hair regularly to assist with both the hair's response to humidity, but also to keep it feeling soft to touch and prevent split and damaged ends.

It may help to also select products that are designed specifically for curly hair. These are specially formulated to condition the hair and keep it healthy.

Caring For Natural Curly Hair

Curly hair is usually very dry and very fine and won't require the same amount of washes with shampoo as oily and other hair types require. Use shampoo sparingly and on days when you need to wet your hair, use plain cold water and focus on conditioning your hair regularly to keep it moisturized. The more you shampoo, potentially the more difficult your hair will be to control.

Instead of heat drying your hair you can hand style your hair with a little help of a styling mousse or gel. These you can often apply using only your fingers and by massaging it into your hair and using your fingers to create the style you want. Use different products and decide which one your curls respond to best.

Many women find using a leave in conditioner and a small amount of styling gel or mousse provides them with the best all day control of their curls and keeps their hair looking nice all day.

Choose all natural hair products where possible and choose products designed to allow moisture to reach your hair. Many products coat the hair and this can potentially block moisture and increase the dryness and frizz. Olive oil is a wonderful asset for curly hair and should be used regularly and left in before hair is washed and conditioned to help keep hair soft and silky to touch.

Understanding about natural curls will help you care for them. With a little bit of tender loving care you can turn your curls into locks that any woman would be proud to have. By spending a little extra time on your locks they can become your crowning glory and bring you many compliments.

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Updated September 8, 2011

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