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A Food Diary For Weight Loss

A Food Diary is a Must

You probably associate the word diary with a book where teenage girls write down their thoughts. A food dairy is something quite a bit different. If you are planning to lose weight and to eliminate any poor nutritional habits, you need to keep a food diary for a few days.

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A food diary is a place where you will write down not only everything you eat, but also everything that you drink. This diary needs to include each and every bite or drop of food and drink you consume. Even if you grab a single chip out of a bag or take a sip of someone else’s drink, you need to write it down.

You will learn a lot about your nutritional habits by keeping a food diary. This diary will help you to see how much you are really eating throughout the day. In some cases, you might actually be eating quite a bit more than you thought. You would be surprised at how quickly a nibble of something here and a nibble there can add up throughout the day.

A food diary gives you the opportunity to see what you are and are not eating. You will be able to determine if you are eating enough fruits and vegetables by looking at your food diary. The food diary can help you to decide if you eat too much junk food.

It can give you a real wake up call in terms of your diet. You might be going through life rather unaware that you do not eat well at all. Your food diary will help you to identify wasted calories you are consuming.

For example, some people throw away calories each day by drinking soda or juices that are loaded with sugar. You might be nibbling throughout the day even when you are not hungry which is another big waste of calories. Perhaps you are using more mayonnaise than you need on a sandwich or two much butter when you are cooking a meal.

There are any number of places that you might be wasting calories. It does not do you any good to keep a food diary if you are not honest with yourself. You must write down everything that you eat and drink even if the amount seems insignificant.

Do not write down only some of what you consume each day or you will not learn anything about your food diary. A food diary provides you with an excellent source for changing your life. You can easily see where your diet needs improvement.

You can also identify healthy nutritional habits that you currently use each day. As you begin making changes to your diet, you should keep a new food diary for a few days. This will help to ensure that you are making the necessary changes to your eating habits.

It is important to remember that going on a diet really refers to a short-term action. If you truly want to use a food diary to help you lose weight, you should not go on a diet but instead should use the diary to help you find the ways to change your life by having healthier eating habits.

If there are times when you feel as if you are not sticking to your healthier lifestyle of eating, you can start keeping a good diary again. The food diary will motivate you to continue eating the way you should rather than the way you ate in the past.

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