Your Very Personnel Very Virtual Makeover

Virtual Makeover Solutions No Makeup Remover Required



celebrity-virtual-makeoversWhen technology and cosmetology connect it is a beautiful thing! We are excited to introduce you to our Virtual Salon of choice Makeover Solutions.

MakeoverSolutions is a leader in the field of virtual makeovers and when you see the list of their features we are sure you will be as impressed as we were.

We loved all the options in the Makeoversolutions program and how user friendly it is, The must have Fall/Winter look is emphasis on your eyes and keeping the mouth soft or the opposite, emphasis on the mouth and keeping the eyes soft.

This would take a lot of trial runs and makeup remover to perfect this on your own.


The Solution?
Your Very Personnel Very Virtual Makeover

We tried 10 different looks in under five minutes,

No makeup remover required...

Features Of Makeover Solutions
Hairstyles - Highlights - Mascara
Lipstick Lip - Gloss - Lip liner
Eye shadow - Eyeliner
Contacts - Glasses - Sunglasses -
Headwear - Nail Polish - Teeth Whitening

Try new styles on your Photo or on a Model Photo
Over 1700 hairstyles, highlights, and the latest Celebrity Styles
Free updates every month: new hairstyles, new makeup, new accessories, new Celebrity Looks
Print and Save looks in your own private account for later viewing,
Try thousands of hairstyles, makeup colors & accessories on your own photo.


Your Very Personnel Very Virtual Makeover
Hairstyles And Highlights

See how a hairstyle looks on you before you go to the hairdresser. Every month the latest hairstyles and celebrity hairstyles are added. See yourself in celebrity, short, medium, long, prom, and men’s hairstyles. Wonder how you look bleach blonde or in ravishing red? Color your hair with real products you can buy in the store.

Add texture to your hair by applying highlights.
Even control the intensity, amount, and where to apply highlights.

Want to get the same look as Jessica Simpson
and are wondering if it’ll look good on yourself?

Now see it on yourself before buying the makeup.
We’ll update this every month with the latest celebrity looks of the season



White teeth makeover
Your Very Personnel Very Virtual Makeover
Teeth Whitening

See the difference teeth whitening can make.
Bring out the shine in your pearly whites!

eye makeup makeover
Your Very Personnel Very Virtual Makeover
Makeup Makeovers

All makeup has been dramatically improved in the new MakeoverSolutions.
Lengthen your lashes with mascara giving you big beautiful eyes.
Combine this with eye shadow and eyeliner to really make your eyes stand out

Lipsstick makeover

Your Very Personnel Very Virtual Makeover
Lipstick,Lip Liner, & Lip Gloss
Now you can apply your lipstick in new and exciting ways.
Add lip liner and lip gloss to give you luscious lips to die for


Do You Know The Shape Of Your Lips?

lip styles

Natural Lip

Cupid's Bow

The Smear Bonnie Parker Bee-Stung Uni-Lip No Glamour Girl

Your Very Personnel Very Virtual Makeover
Contact Lenses

contact lenses makeoverEvery wonder what you look like with green, blue, or brown eyes?

Now you can try on colored contacts with just a simple click,

Contacts in the new MakeoverSolutions look much more realistic!



Your Very Personnel Very Virtual Makeover

Find that perfect pair of glasses or sunglasses for summer.
Try on the latest designer frames to give you that distinctive look


Who Are You Going To Be Tomorrow!


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