Your Toddler Boys First Haircut

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Kid's First Haircuts

Your toddler boys first haircut is one of the many important milestones in their life. This special experience is something that you will remember for a very long time. There are a number of tips and tricks to make certain that this situation is as enjoyable as possible for both you and your toddler boy.

A Boys First Haircut

For starters, make sure that you book your toddler boy's first haircut at a salon that caters to children. Many salons geared for kids feature child-size seats; movie's for the children to watch. These distractions will keep your toddler boy's mind off what is being done to his hair. Before you take your toddler boy in for his first haircut, explain to him what will happen.

While you are waiting for his turn in the salon chair, point out and describe what is happening with other people in the salon as they get their haircuts. Call the salon about twenty minutes before your appointment time to make sure that the stylist is running on schedule.

Even if your child is typically happy, a bored toddler who is made to wait too long may become cranky by the time they get in the haircutting chair. Some toddler boys are nervous of clippers and scissors. Remind them that the scissors are sharp and that it is important for them to sit as still as possible during their haircut. If possible, before your toddler boy goes for his first haircut, let him visit the salon with a parent or sibling. Seeing someone he is familiar with get a haircut of his or her own; may make his anxiety less when it is his turn.

toddlers-haircut-stuffed-puppy-If your toddler boy is anxious about strangers and unfamiliar situations, be sure to stay by his side during his first haircut. Stand off to the side of the chair, holding his hand if possible or even just remain close enough that he can see you. Bring along a small toy for your toddler to hold in his hand during his first haircut.

Having something to hold and look at may keep him distracted and his attention off of his first haircut. Talk to your little boy during his first haircut. Play a word game or sing a song for example.

The less attention your toddler pays to what is happening to him, the smoother the haircut will go. Avoid booking your toddler's first haircut at anytime that you expect him to be unhappy. Never schedule his hair appointments close to meal or nap times. We hope this article and video help you with your toddler boys first haircut!

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Updated June 7, 2011


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