Your Facial Type And Vintage Hair Styles

Fitting Vintage Hairstyles to Your Face Shape And Choosing The Perfect Vintage Hairstyles for You

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Using your hairstyle as a means of shaping your face is as important with a vintage hairstyle as with any other popular hairstyle. Discovering your facial shape is as easy as pulling your hair back into a ponytail or away from your face so that it is completely revealed.

Standing straight in front of a mirror and trace your facial outline onto the mirror with a dry erase crayon or other marker that is easy to clean off

Most women choose a hairstyle that is popular or trendy without considering their facial shape. When you are choosing a new style always have it modified to work with your face shape and needs.

Long Face With A High Forehead

A Long Face With A High Forehead
In this illustration is a long oval type head/face with a very high forehead. The desired goal for this face type is to arrange the hairstyle to minimize the high forehead and to make the entire head appear shorter and more evenly proportioned.

Long Face High Forehead

This is an example of the wrong vintage hairstyle.
In this illustration the hair has been styled close or flat to the head and off the forehead. By not sufficiently covering the forehead and by giving the hair more height at the top the length of the face has been accentuated. This hairstyle also does not give enough width or broadness to the top areas.

Perfect Vintage Hairstyle For A Long Face

This is a perfect and flattering vintage style that meets the the needs of a long face. The hair is waved and styled to fall more onto the face covering the forehead area. The top of the hairstyle is made to appear broader and better shaped.The hair over the ears is made to puff out and fall over the cheek areas.

You can visually see how one style works over the other.

short face wide forehead

Vintage Hairstyles For A Short Head/Face And A Broad/Wide Forehead
This illustrations show the direct opposite of the long head/face and a high/long forehead. Instead of being almost egg-shaped as in the case of a well proportioned head, it is practically round, appearing too short with a fairly broad forehead.

short face with wide forehead

This illustration shows the hairstyle with bangs being brought down over the forehead in an attempt to hide its wideness. This is a very common mistake, the reverse actually happens, the face appears even more short and round.

short head wide forehead

This style works, it has the hair raise in the crown area of the head, leaving the forehead exposed as high as possible in the center. The broad appearance is minimized by bringing the waves to fall into dips or in a horseshoe fashion over the sides of the forehead,

By exposing more of the length of the face than its width, it visually appears longer and with more balanced proportions.

How To Use Vintage Hairstyles For Shaping Your Facial Features
Soften a wide or narrow lower face with vintage hairstyles. A large lower face and a narrow lower face are common in many women. The goal is to soften the appearance and add a touch of femininity.

Vintage Hairstyles For Your Profile
Your Facial Profile ~ Your profile or the side view of your head is worth a close look for a vintage hairstyle. Any prominent features you have are so easily accentuated if you do not know your face shape from all angles, but particularly from your profile. Helps you work with a long nose, short nose, and a long chin.

How To Choose Vintage Hairstyles For Your Face Shape
Feminine beauty is expressed, to a very large extent, by the correct proportions of your figure and particularly your head. Your face shape as we now refer to the "Study Of Proportions" is as important for a vintage hairstyle as it is for any other trendy hairstyle of today.

Face Shape
Face Shape,hair texture,and thickness are your natural guidelines for discovering your own best style and then remaining blissfully content with the choice. Knowing your facial shape is the basis that all of your makeovers, whether new makeup, new hairstyles, or extreme makeovers should be started.
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Your Facial Type And Vintage Hair Styles

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Your Facial Type And Vintage Hair Styles

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