Your Eyebrows Shape Color And Style

Beautiful Eyebrows

Eyebrows are a very significant and prominent facial feature and one that three out of every five women do not utilize as a powerful beauty asset. Your eyebrows are also one of the most distinctive features that make up our faces and you can surprise your face by attention to them.

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The scientific roles of eyebrows is to protect our eyes from moisture such as rain or sweat, and are aptly designed to accommodate this, the natural arch of your eyebrows diverts water or sweat around to each side of your face. Your eyebrows are also your most expressive facial feature and your body language and is easily read through your eyebrows.

Shaping and coloring your eyebrows can enhance your eyes beautifully and also be used to contour facial features. An instant face-lift A side effect of the natural aging process is sadly thinning and greying of your eyebrows, the right eyebrow shape and color can take ten years off your face.


Shaping And Defining Your Eyebrows

shaping your eyebrowsThe natural drooping of our eyelids as we age can be counterbalanced by creating more of an arch, this alone can give the illusion of an instant face lift.

Your brows should begin directly over the tear duct at the inner corner of your eye and rise in a gentle curve along the brow bone.

The highest point of your eyebrow arch should be even with the outer edge of your eye's iris, tapering down and ending at the outside corner of your eye.

To define your ideal brow length, line up a pencil parallel to the bridge of your nose and then at an angle across the outer edge of your eye.

To define your ideal brow length, line up a pencil parallel to the bridge of your nose and then at an angle across the outer edge of your eye. Accent the natural arch by tweezing any hairs that fall under your arch.

There is a split decision as to plucking hairs above the arch, some women have found that plucking above a thick heavy brow can make their foreheads look less heavy.

Do not over pluck your eyebrows, it can take up to eight weeks for eyebrows to grow back, and in some cases grow back sparsely or not at all.

If you have your eyebrows close to your desired shape, they should still be included in your makeup routine, try brushing your eyebrows straight up and then brush into shape.

If you want to do contouring or a little more filling in use light feathered strokes for a soft natural look. A little angled brush is great for shaping.

Use these simple tricks to make your eyebrows seem thinner apply your color only in the center of each brow.

If you want to achieve a fuller brow apply the color evenly throughout your brow using the blending brush.

To emphasis the natural shape of your brow, brush them up and then to the right using the angled brush.

Your Eyebrows Shape Color And Style As You Age

lengthening eyebrowsMany women have short brow lines naturally and many loose their eyebrow length as they age, the goal is to bring your brows out to their proper length. Eyebrow wax holds to your skin and many women find it has more staying power than a regular eyebrow pencil. In this example the right eye is shorter than the ideal length for this face, this is where you would use a brow pencil to extend the length and fill in any gaps in the brow as well.

For a very dramatic evening look, brush your brow hairs all facing straight down, now trace along the top of the line, a little heavier and darker than normal. Using your small angle brush, shape your brow hairs back into place. This also works well for a casual daytime look, just apply lighter.
Your Eyebrows Shape Color And Style


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