Young Girls Long Party Hairstyle

Long Curls For Special Occasions

Young Girls Long Party HairstyleThere are many young girls who have the patience for long, luxurious locks. When a formal occasion arises, long locks on young girls can be styled into a variety of fabulous looks.

A long hairstyle for parties will ensure that your little girl looks just like a princess. It is true, that long locks can take some effort to maintain and keep looking lovely and healthy in young girls. However, if both you and your child have the patience to take care of her tresses, her long hair will always look amazing.

Especially when a party arises and your young girl wants a fabulous hairstyle for the event. It is important to remember that even if you and your young girl want her locks to be long, that she is taken in to see a stylist on a regular basis for trims. Approximately every eight weeks or so, your child should visit the beautician to have any ragged ends cut off of the ends of her tresses to leave the remaining hair full of life and luster.

Another vital step for long, healthy locks in young girls is to only wash her tresses every second or third day. It can be bad for your child’s hair to wash the locks on a daily basis.

Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner when it is time to wash your young girl’s hair. After her hair has been washed, blot the excess water from her locks with a towel, being very careful not to tug, pull or twist. Always detangle your young girl’s long locks with a wide tooth comb.

If she is susceptible to knots, consider using a leave in conditioner. Allow her hair to air dry when possible as the heat from a blow dryer can be damaging.

The next time a formal event is in your young girl’s future, consider a fabulous party hairstyle for her long locks. This party hairstyle for young girls with long hair is ideal for any special occasion. The hairstyle is formal and regal while still maintaining a youthful edge. Best of all, this style is very easy to achieve so your young girl is not forced to sit for a long hairstyling session


Young Girls Long Party Hairstyle Styling Steps

style steps Wash your young girl’s hair.
style steps Towel dry and apply a leave in conditioner before detangling her tresses with a wide tooth comb.
style steps Use a round brush and blow-dry her tresses.
style steps When her hair is fully dry mist lightly with a styling gel.
style steps Pull a section from either side of her head up towards the back of her crown and pin securely. Consider using jeweled barrettes.
style steps Use small to medium sized hot rollers or curling iron or you could even use rag curls. Curl her hair in ringlets throughout.
style steps When the curls have cooled, use your fingers to comb them gently and arrange as desired.
style steps Mist lightly with hair spray for long lasting, all day hold.
style steps If desired, you can rub some shine serum between your palms and smooth it over your young girl’s locks.


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Young Girls Long Party Hairstyle
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Young Girls Long Party Hairstyle
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Young Girls Long Party Hairstyle
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