Womens Referee Costume

Wanna make a play for a certain hot sports fella this Halloween?  Well, donning a sexy referee costume is a good place to start!  Maybe you’ve already found your star player, and you two will be doing double duty as his n’ hers referees. 

Let your inner jock run free with flirty skirts that show lots of skin and playful accessories.  You’ll be calling all the shots with a total look that’ll turn heads.

There are lots of adorable, teeny tiny black and white striped dresses to start you off as ref gear.  Choose from collared to halter necklines, and pleated to straight mini skirt lengths.  Some sets include striped bikini tops to tie and hot pants.  The Playboy brand has a little dress that laces up the sides like a corset.

Try some black and white ruffled panties for underneath that flirty outfit, and knee or thigh high white or striped stockings for an athletic touch.  If it’s gonna be chilly at your party, look for a cute satin baseball-type jacket to throw over your ensemble. 

To further amp up the accessories, you’ll definitely need a whistle to hang around your neck.  You can jazz ‘em up with a few self-adhesive rhinestones in black and white or hot pink, too!  Find yourself a glittery soccer ball ring, or other such sports related jewelry.  For shoes, keep with the sex appeal with a pair of chunky black high heels, or hunt down those J-Lo-esque athletic sneaker pumps, or platform hi-tops. 

Keep referee hair big, loose, and sexy with roller set curls, or playfully chic with long, low pigtails or braids, or go a little more cutesy with high pigtails.  A simple ponytail with a bit of a pompadour (think Gwen Stefani) at the front would be adorable as well, or try a simple black cap or visor crooked to the side.  Hair should be a little messy, a lot of fun, and ready for an on-the field scrimmage!

Eye makeup can be Pam Anderson smoky in shimmery blacks and charcoals with a little extra eyeliner, and the addition of a little glitter in the inside corner helps bring eyes forward.  Glam things up even more with some flirty fake lashes to bat at the boys. 

Apply a bit of a just-been-running double plays blush to the apples of your cheeks, and finish with a pinky peach, neutral gloss to plump up that luscious pout.  Keep your look fresh and sexy, with just a jolt of glam, and you just can’t loose.





Womens Referee Costume

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