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This page will feature women and girls faux hawk hair styles and fohawks.
The pictures are sent in by site visitors who have used the Submit Your Style link you see throughout most hairstyle pages. There is a form at the bottom of this page, if you would like to submit your style.

A Women or girls faux hawk hair style is a gentle version of the authentic Mohawk with the look coming from the styling rather than cutting.

The faux hawk hair style is an excellent style to try before committing to the full Mohawk, see how you like it and how it fits your lifestyle.

The beauty of the womens faux hawk hair style is if you have a job or school that a Mohawk would be inappropriate for, you can wear your hair in a more conservative style, and then when you are on your own time, you can style it up in the faux hawk.

Women are joining men in wearing this funky hairstyle that you can wear today and then simply wash out tomorrow.


With the exception of Dog the Bounty Hunter most men wear the faux hawk on the shorter side. Anna’s picture here is a very good example of the balanced look this creates.

girls faux hawk hair styleAnna's fitted jacket and earrings are also well proportioned for her over all look and also preserves a very feminine touch.

As well as sending her pictures in, Anna has included the styling steps and products she uses to create her fabulous faux hawk.

"My name is Anna and I am 23 years old. For as long as I can remember I have always enjoyed the crazy highlighted hair and I refuse to look like everybody else.

I've had two mohawks that are probably closer to the fauxhawk hairstyle, but they were awesome.

I'm getting my hair done next week and I'm thinking of getting the actual "real" mohawk
I'll send you pictures if all goes well."

"I use Bumble and Bumble "Surf Spray".
I separate the short pieces from the long and tie a small pony knot on the top of my head.

I blow dry the long part of my hair and slick that back into a ponytail.
I then take the short hair on top (while wet) and spray on the "Surf Spray".

This adds texture as well as not making it look like it took an entire bottle of hairspray to make it stand up."

"Once the spray is in my hair I blow dry it with a flat brush from and then to the right. The hair begins to naturally stand up on its own.

Depending on how well my hair took to the spray I sometimes back brush it to make it appear messy. If I dont use enough Surf Spray I sometimes have to flat iron it as well.

This may seem like a long tedious process but it literally takes me less than 30 minutes to do it."


womens faux hawk hair style

If Anna does go for her mohawk, we look forward to posting those pictures for you.

Our thanks to Anna for submitting and sharing a great womens faux hawk hair style


Womens Faux Hawk Hairstyle

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Womens Faux Hawk Hairstyle

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