Winona Ryders Updo Hairstyle

winona ryders casual updo hairstyleSince the mid 1980’s Winona Ryder has been a star that young women look up to as a hair fashion icon. The one thing that all of her Blockbuster movies have in common is that they feature Winona in hairstyles that suit her wonderfully.













Make no mistake however, unlike some celebrities, Winona Ryder’s hairstyles always look just as wonderful off of the big screen as they do on. Although Winona looks terrific even on a casual occasion, when she teases her tresses into an updo, she becomes beyond gorgeous.

For many years, we were used to seeing Winona wearing her dark tresses in many versions of the super short pixie. Recently however, Winona has allowed her hair to grow which is perfect for her elegantly casual updo.

When the 35th Annual AFI Life Achievement awards rolled around, Winona was more than red carpet ready with her coiffed updo. Even fine hair like Winona Ryder’s can take on the shape of an up style hairdo with the right styling steps.

Many ladies who have fine hair tend to avoid attempting an updo. They perhaps think that their tresses will escape and leave their locks falling flat. Thankfully, as shown by Winona, nothing could be further from the truth.

With gentle waves to provide a look full of volume, Winona was ready for a fabulous night. Even though this hairstyle is ideal for an event such as this, paired with a great skirt or jeans, it would be just as suitable for something much more casual.

It can take thirty minutes or more to sculpt your tresses into a chic updo like Winona’s, so make certain you leave yourself with plenty of time to get ready. As long as your locks have enough length to pull up, you can wear your hair in an updo.

Although best suited for fine to medium tresses, with the right hair products even those with thick hair can have an updo like this. Winona Ryder’s updo is perfect for almost any face shape and will complement the features of those with square, heart, oblong, oval and even diamond shaped faces.

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Winona Ryders Updo Hairstyle Styling Steps

Style Hair Steps Wash your hair with products that are best suited for your hair type.
Style Hair Steps Towel dry carefully and use your fingers to apply a generous amount of mousse to your tresses.
Style Hair Steps Use a comb to both detangle your locks as well as to ensure that your product is evenly distributed.
Style Hair Steps Use a paddle brush while blow-drying. Make sure to lift at the roots during the drying process to increase volume through the crown.
Style Hair Steps When your hair is dry, use large hot rollers or a large barreled curling iron working in small sections until loose ringlets lay around your head.
Style Hair Steps Gather your hair back into a loose knot and lift high at the back of your crown and pin. Although you want your updo secure, make sure that it is left looking casual.
Style Hair Steps Allow a section of your bang to remain down as well as leaving the ends of your locks free from the pins to show your curl.
Style Hair Steps With your fingers, smooth moulding cream over the ends of your hair as well as to pull your bang to the side.
Style Hair Steps Mist generously with hairspray for hold.


winona ryders casual updo hairstyle

Winona Ryders Updo Hairstyle

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