Why Your Teenage Daughter Should Read Bernice Gets A Bob

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Why Your Teenage Daughter Should Read Bernice Gets A Bob
F Scott Fitzgerald wrote Bernice Gets A Bob in the 1920s. What makes this writing significant for today’s teenage young women is the portrayal of peer pressure. It was as obvious in the 1920s as it is today. Bernice emerges a hero, victorious over the trappings of conforming to fit in.

retro bob hairstylesWhy Your Teenage Daughter Should Read Bernice Gets A Bob
Women of all ages can learn a lesson and having the plot center around one of the most popular hairstyles, the bob makes for even more fun.

The book can have an impact as it shows how you should be yourself and not let anyone change you. The book is witty irony and a surprise ending. We watch the main character Bernice change throughout the book, growing from shy and awkward to outgoing and confident. 

We see how society blends, shallow and superficial and the innocent and naïve. Somewhere in that complex grouping, we may catch a glimpse of ourselves. Or someone we know. We realize it is not a perfect world and we have times we have felt like Bernice. An outcast or, feeling just not pretty enough.

Bernice struggles through life’s lessons and we see how they are learned through experience. Bernice is a role model for any woman, no matter what the year. We have experienced some form of an ultimatum in our lives. A surprise irony and ending shows how Bernice dealt with hers.

Margarie, on the other hand, lives in a world of fantasy, and turns out to be the weaker of the two when it is her world that is upset around her.

Bernice Gets A Bob also shows how much our hair is a part of our identity. Is it a security blanket, a blessing, or a curse?

Bernice did not really see herself until she did cut her hair, or rather her security blanket. The bob hairstyle has a long association with strong women. From Joan Of Arc, to the edge of the feminist. I will have to find the photo but I vaguely remember Gloria Steinman in a long bob during her reign in the sixties.

The book also shows how we think men perceive us, and twists in the plot show just how wrong we can be. Though F Scott Fitzgerald deals with some very tender issues for woman, the book is witty, funny, and light.

Why Your Teenage Daughter Should Read Bernice Gets A Bob

I asked a teen in my neighborhood to write answer the question, what is important to a teen today? What do you value? This is her answer, and by it, you can see how a book like Bernice Gets A Bob could offer some encouragement as well as a fun look at it all.

A Teenager’s Value

Beauty is only skin-deep… the real beauty is on the inside.

Going to school these days is hard on teenagers; there are so many stereotypes to look up too. In school there are “groups” of different teenagers that are classified because of there appearance.

You have the popular kids that are known as “preps” because they dress and are either cheerleaders or football players. Then you have the group of smart kids the popular kids call “geeks” and then there is always the between group that is neither a prep nor a geek.

The point of me saying this is there is no reason for a teenager to feel like they are out of place because of the clothes they wear or the way the wear their hair. Everyone is beautiful in their own way; you don’t have to classify yourself with anyone else.

You are who you are and there is nothing that anyone can do to change that. You are the person that you want to be not the person that they make you out to be. For instance, many teenagers are smart and beautiful; does that mean that they are a geek? No, they were just gifted with the knowledge that they have.

If you are active in sports in your school and you are beautiful, does that mean that you should be called prep? No, teenagers play sports and are pretty at the same time. If you are not as fortunate as the other kids should you be called a nobody? No, you are who you are and that is all you need to be.

Just because your parents may not be rich, and you don’t have clothes or the best hairstyle doesn’t mean that you are any fewer of a person than they are.

Believe me, you should never try to be someone that you weren’t raised to be. When a mother gives birth to a child, her and the father start teaching the child values and morals, it is then your job as a teenager to live up to those values and morals, don’t act like someone that your parents didn’t raise you to be. That not only makes you look bad, it also makes your parents look bad.

Just remember as a teenager you are unique, there are going to be other teenagers that talk about you and look at you weird but you just have to remember that it doesn’t what you look like on the outside, it is what is on the inside that counts. Anyone can put makeup on and be pretty but real beauty is only skin-deep.

The truth of how beautiful someone is based on what values you have in side, how you talk to other people and how you treat other people. If you treat others the ways that you would like to be treated then you are better than anyone that judges someone else.- Why Your Teenage Daughter Should Read Bernice Gets A Bob.

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Why Your Teenage Daughter Should Read Bernice Gets A Bob

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