Why Bald Hair Cuts Work For African American Men

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Michael Jordan is one of the most famous African American male celebrities. He is just as well known for his gleaming shaved scalp as he is for his talents. Like Michael, many African American men are daring to break out the clippers and wear a bald hairstyle.

These days, it is not just women who opt to visit hair salons for styling treatments. You are just as apt to find a man sitting in the chair next to you at the beauty parlor as you are a woman.

Men have learned that it is okay to treat themselves to hairstyles done by a styling professional.

Not only are they in the beautician’s shop, they are often having treatments which were once thought of as being exclusively for women.

A number of African American men are opting to have their hair altered using chemical treatments such as dyes, tints, bleaches, straighteners, relaxers and permanent waves.

These treatments run the risk of leaving your hair weak and can cause breakage if they are used too often.

male bald hair black menSome African American men also choose to have their locks braided or to wear weaves.

Although typically this should not cause a problem, if the weave is attached too tight or the braids are wrapped too tight, they put a continuous strain on the hair follicle.

Over time, this can result in permanent hair loss.

It can be devastating to some men if they become aware that they are loosing their hair, especially if the hair loss occurs at a very young age. However, if you are considering artificial means of hiding, or masking your hair loss, you may wish to reconsider.

Synthetic hair is not always a good choice. Hair plugs, are costly, painful and can leave permanent scars. Toupees and hairpieces are expensive as well and are very high maintenance.

For these reasons and more, many African American men decide to stop battling constant hair issues and to just shave their heads into an easy to care for bald hairstyle.
African American males should use an extremely creamy shaving cream to shave their heads.

An excellent option for males is the Anthony Logistics For Men Deep Shaving Kit. This is because their hair is very coarse and curly and tends to grow into the skin, which can cause ingrown hairs. A creamy shaving cream will be thick enough to get close to the skin and hair follicles.

Try to shave your scalp right after a shower because your hair will be softened from the water

It is essential for African American men to use products that contain essential oils such as Anthony Logistics For Men Pre-Shave Oil as their skin can become ashen.


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Why Bald Hair Cuts Work For African American Men

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