When Kids Cut Their Own Hair

When kids cut their own hair it can be devastating and the reasons why do they do it can make a mom or dad scream, laugh, or cry. Many parents have faced the nightmare of discovering that their child took the scissors and cut their own hair.

Although this is never a pleasant situation to come across, as small children rarely make good hairdressers, it does not have to be a big deal. There are numerous ways to save your child's hair from their scissor experimentation.

kids who cut their own hair

Why Do They Do It?

A lot of parents question why kids cut their own hair. The better question is how to prevent it from happening. Typically, especially the smaller the child is when something like this happens, the less reason they have for doing it in the first place. Always make certain that scissors are out of your kid's reach.

Bear in mind as well, that children learn everything by mimicking what they see. If you child has been to a hair salon before for themselves or have watched you receive a haircut, it may be something that they wish to try. It is usually easier to deal with when kids cut their own hair when it is a little boy as a buzz cut can save the day.

If the damage they have done can not be repaired through a haircut or trim, you can always opt to shave your little boy's hair and start fresh. Better hide the finger paint too. Of course, you can do this with your daughter as well, although many people would rather not choose that option for girls. Your best solution may be a short little layered pixie style.

But Mommy, Teddy Did It!

I can relive the day I entered our four year old daughter's room to find her beautiful waist length hair in a pile beside her and with the only witness to the crime, her dear teddy bear, who was propped against her leg almost completely covered with hair.

It was one of those moments when your heart takes a picture and does not know whether to laugh or to cry.

Even at four, she must have been able to read my face, and slowly raising her eyes up to me and softly whispered, "look what teddy did"

I will never forget the look on her face as I slowly raised my eyes from the pile of long hair to meet her eyes now filled with tears, "I know honey, I saw him."

This memory inspired me to create this page for you to share your stories and keep the experience a memory that will make you smile.

A Quick Note To Say, Thank you

little pink scissors

I was very upset to find blonde curls all over the floor today. Debating on how to punish my daughter, I put her in her room and was planning on having the rest of her hair cut off and keeping her home from a birthday party.

But upon reading your stories, I have realized that punishment will not make the hair grow back any sooner.

Since reading these stories and advice I've gone upstairs and hugged her. I told her that she is beautiful no matter how short or long her hair is. And I told her that I love her.

Thank you for giving me perspective and a very valuable reminder that hair does grow back, and that love between parent and child is much more important than hair.
JP, Alaska

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Hair Cut 
We were about to leave for my cousin's funeral, Abby had been all dressed up. She is 4 years old, and she had to go to the bathroom, as I let her, I had …

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What Do You Do When Kids Cut Their Own Hair?

If your little girl does get her hands on some scissors and attempts to play beauty parlor, it can be a devastating experience for some parents. Often times, parents choose to attempt to grow their daughter's hair, so if she cuts her locks by herself, you are aware it will take a long time to grow back. Some parents decide to just leave the look as is and let it grow back.

However, that can take a very long time and you may not wish to look at a choppy haircut while you wait. Although it may be tough to face, if your child has a home scissor haircut, you are probably best off to cut it as short as you can. For little girls, if they just cut some hunks of hair off the back, you can trim the length to match up. If they have done something more drastic such as cutting a bald spot all the way down in the front, your choices will be harder.

If the length is fine and un-touched, you will simply need to focus on the front. You can visit a salon and ask the stylist what sort of fix that she would suggest as the best option. If your daughter has long bangs, you can always opt to comb them over and use pretty clips to pin her hair to the opposite side and cover-up her hairless patch.

Whatever option you go with, always keep in mind that hair does grow and your child will soon be back to looking the way they were. Also rest easy in the knowledge that almost every child does this at one time or another and no matter how bad the home haircut may be, there is a way to fix it up until it grows back.

New Stories

pink scissors look like mommy

For Mommy

Five year old Cora cuts her own hair when she hears of her mommys plans to get a short haircut for her part in an upcoming part in a local play. There is a surprise ending to this story!

Kids Cutting Their Own Hair

My Daughter's Self Haircut

pink scissors look like mommy

This morning I went into my daughters room only to find that she had cut her butt length hair off. When I asked her what happened she said her hair was itching her butt so she had used her kiddie scissors and I found the scissors but when I asked her where the hair was she said flushed down the loo!

I was so upset as she had not yet had her first haircut (she's 3). Yes I let her have scissors, I thought I could trust her while I got myself a hot chocolate to help me to wake up but then I turned around and bang I saw her with a chunk out of her natural red hair.

So when we went to the hairdressers they had to cut a bunch more off to even it up all though I kept this hair they cut off as her first baby hair and put it in her baby chest so glad to see other parents have also had this and even if I punish her for it it won't bring back her old baby hair. Just so glad she didn't cut herself with them.

Rhona - Cheltenhsm

Yes My Child Has Cut Her Hair Way To Many Times!

girls very short cut bangs

I Feel So Bad For My Baby

So I get up and start my morning routine, get my daughter clothes out for school and get her dress. Once she's all dressed, we head to the bathroom to get her teeth brushed and hair done.

So once her teeth and face are clean, I begin to do her hair and then I see what she has done. I blink twice just to make sure.

I begin to say Addie, Addie what did you do?, your bangs were so pretty. She tells me she cut her bangs because she no longer wanted bangs.

So I try to fix her bangs before we run late to school and once it was done. I was left hurt to see my baby look so funny. I'm currently trying to find a solution to make it work, any help anyone?
Melinie R. New Yourk

My Daughter

my daughter before the cut

Well a couple of months ago I found that my daughter had cut her hair. We swear that my 5 year old son helped her (she is 3). He refuses to fess up so I am guessing he didn't. Her hair wasn't so bad.

We were just hoping it would be longer since we are going on a cruise soon... next week in fact. Well fast forward to yesterday.... all three of my kids had a haircut party.

Now my older two are BOYS... so it won't matter if we cut their hair. My daughter, on the other hand, cut so much off and all the way to her scalp. We had to, sadly, buzz her head today. Devastated. My daughter is somewhat upset.

When the hair stylist brought her up to see her hair she cried. :( And when I went to my neighbor for advice, my daughter wouldn't even look at her. I feel so bad for her. Her brothers have already called her a boy. I, of course, told them that was not nice.

After The Cut

after the cut

top view after the cut

side view after the cut

Cousin Hairdressers

cousin hairdressers

I just found this site after my beautiful daughter had her almost butt long blonde hair cut to her shoulders. My daughter's hair was as important to me as it was just gorgeous and she always got compliments.

My mum was babysitting my niece and daughter today and the girls decided to give each other haircuts. Luckily my daughter still has her fringe unlike my niece. I cried on the phone to the hairdresser.

I realize it could have been much worse after seeing the hair cut down to the scalp on here! I feel for all you mums.
Leanne - Canberra, Australia

Tangled Last Scene Re-enactment

brooklyn cuts her hair

Brooklyn has always re-enacted the movies as she watches them, but never thought she would follow through with a real prop.

We gave her a pair of scissors last month for her to practice her cutting skills before entering Kindergarten and we've had the discussion, "you only cut paper".

Well I guess when she was cutting paper she said she had too much hair in the way and wanted it like Rapunzel's when she cuts it. And so that's what she did! She ran out of playroom to show off her no longer long locks, her dad and I were so upset.

Brooklyn is very proud that it came out so well, mostly because she can't see the back. Now its time for her to look like Tinkerbell and get a pixie cut since that's what it'll take to even her hair out. Here's to another 4yr of trying to grow it out.

My Daughter Keeps Cutting Her Own Hair

My daughter has continuously cut her own hair since age 3. She recently just cut some more off today and LOOKS TERRIBLE. She is almost 7!!!! This is probably the 5th time despite repeated punishments. We hide the scissors, she finds them. I AM AT A LOSS. I want to Kill her (figuratively) OMG!
Ashley Massachusetts - When Kids Cut Their Own Hair

Cuts Huge Chunks

cuts huge chunks from back of hair

cuts huge chunk from bangs

My daughter found her sisters scissors and had a lil too much fun! So while I was at work my kids father was watching them. While he was in the bathroom he came out to find my 3 year old with children's scissors in her hands. When he took a closer look he saw that she cut off a huge chunk from her bangs and a huge chunk from the back.

I'm thinking that she thought I didn't cut her bangs short enough. But really. Why the back? I'm lost on that one. Is this her way of telling me I need to take her in for a hair cut. Who knows? Now I am stuck looking for a hair cut or style to cover this up. But I don't think you can really fix bangs that are cut close to her hair line.
Samantha Milwaukee, WI - When Kids Cut Their Own Hair

Sarah's New Mullet Cut!

Well, what can I say? My 5yr old daughter has been waiting for this opportunity since she was 3. The first attempt was just a small piece unnoticeable with her beautiful golden curly looks. Then several occasion after that.

Nothing too drastic!! These last few weeks she has mentioned cutting her hair short! I had just trimmed her hair... I haven't gotten a good picture. But I can show before and afters!

I Don't Want Her Head Buzzed!

3 year old cuts her hair

My three year old did this to her hair this morning. It's cut all the way to her head in several places. I took her to the children's haircut shop, and they looked and said they would have to buzz the whole thing. How sad. I don't want her head buzzed. And I don't know how to hide it.
From: West Jordan, Utah - When Kids Cut Their Own Hair

COMMENTS: I think she looks quite cute! The style could be evened up slightly, so that the hair gently goes down and so that it is more even, but it looks really sweet!

Snip Snip

One day my 10 year old daughter and her 8 year old sister wanted to play hairdresser. So I got them all the basic materials, towel, comb, brush, hair-bands, etc. Then I left them alone in their bedroom and let them be. Then a half an hour later I noticed that it was really quiet in their bedroom. So I decided to check up on them and sure enough, there it was. They found a pair of scissors and the older sister decided to give the younger sister a haircut.

Brown hair was all over the towel and the floor and my little girl's hair was cut from 12 inches to 5 inches. It was a bad haircut all choppy and uneven. I kept it together and asked my little girl to leave the room so her older sister and I could talk. As soon as she was gone I let her have it. When I asked her why she cut her sister's hair she said that she asked her to cut it. So I fixed her hair and punished my oldest daughter.

Pre-School Pattern Baldness Syndrome

pre school pattern baldness syndrome

Hello, I wanted to share my story of my daughter whom cut her own hair yesterday. I was resting on the couch after a long day of finals at my college when my daughter runs up to me say hi mommy and to my horror I saw her head!

It is so bad, my friends and I are calling it pre-school pattern baldness syndrome. There is no fix for it except time.

I Just Wanted To Look Like Daddy

before and aftet little girl cuts her hair

My daughter decided to surprise me with this hair cut this morning. She said she wanted to look like her daddy. It was so uneven and spots were close to the scalp that we had to give her a buzz cut.

I am stressed beyond belief at what shes done. Especially because she is going to be a flower girl in my wedding in 4 weeks. I've already purchased a wig, because there is no way it will grow back that soon. Sad Mommy

Barber In Kindergarten

One day, my little girl came home with short hair, a ponytail in a ziploc bag, and a note. I told my daughter to go to her room and play. So I put the bag on the table, sat down, and opened the note. The note explained how in class that day they were playing hairdresser. So she picked roles for each kid and my daughter got Customer.

So my daughter sat down and got a towel around her neck like a hair cape. So half of them were customers and the other half were barbers. So they got roles for services to provide and my daughter and her "barber" were assigned the worse of them all, haircut.

So they got plastic scissors and the "barber" was pretending to cut off my Daughter's ponytail. When the teacher was not looking, the girl took a pair of real scissors off the teachers desk. Then she cut my daughter's ponytail off for real.

More Than Bedhead

Austen cuts his hair

In my groggy state this morning, I thought I noticed something strange about four-year-old Austen's appearance. It appeared to be a little more extreme than "bed head." As I looked more closely, I realized that he had cut off a big chunk of his bangs! He'd been using his kid scissors yesterday, but I didn't realize that he'd decided to give himself a haircut! He never said a word.

Now, my husband and I are debating about what to do. Do we wait until Tuesday when the kid's haircut place is open? (Today is Sunday.) Or does my husband whip out the electric razor and give the kid a buzz cut? And what do we do about his twin brother, Caleb?

Cutting Beautiful Curly Locks

Well, what can I say. My 5yr old daughter has been waiting for this opportunity since she was 3. The first attempt was just a small piece unnoticeable with her beautiful golden curly locks. Then several occasions after that.

Nothing too drastic!! These last few weeks she has mentioned cutting her hair short! I had just trimmed her hair... I haven't gotten a good picture. But I can show before and afters!

She Cut Her Hair In Different Layers In The Back

6 year old cuts her hair

I just found this morning that my 6 year old daughter cut her hair in the back in several different layers. I only noticed it when I was putting it in a ponytail this morning for school. When I first asked her, did you cut your hair? She replied NO! Then I said you did, I can see that you did! When did you cut your hair. Yesterday, when we had one of her little friends over.

She said that her and her sister were in the other room playing and she just got the scissors and cut her hair. I asked where did she put the hair she cut off and she went and got it from under her night stand. Beautiful blonde curly hair!! I almost cried!! I got mad then and said why would you do that? I told her we would discuss it after school and don't be surprised if she was punished for it. Now...do I punish her for this or will that make her self-esteem be damaged?

I don't want her to think she's not beautiful, but do want to punish the act. I'm confused. Dad says to make her write "I will not cut my hair" 25 times and then see if we can get it shaped up/cut to look better. Suggestions???

I do not have a picture of the damage, but this is what her hair looked like before the cutting! Amy, South Georgia - When Kids Cut Their Own Hair

Three Cuts For This Three Year Old

My three year old has totally messed her beautiful hair up. This makes the third time she has done this. The first two times were the worse, I had to take her and get her hair cut, but she looked like a little boy!!!!! Now she decided to trim her own bangs with one bald spot in the front! I am heart broken.

My thing is when I think I have the scissors in a place she can't find them, she finds them. As many times as I have hid them, or half the time not knowing even where they are when I need them. It never fails she can find them! I hate it now that she has to go visit her dad and he gets mad because of her doing this. I feel like the worse parent! But then I thank God it was just hair. Other things aren't so lucky to grow back!
Amanda Kentucky USA - When Kids Cut Their Own Hair

Twin Brother Cuts Sisters Hair

4 year olds scalp haircut

Twin brother (4) cut my daughter's hair. As you can see right down to the scalp and smack dab in the middle of the back of her hair. I don't know how to fix this at all.
Renee C (USA) - When Kids Cut Their Own Hair

Five Year Old Cuts Mullet

I was resting on the couch after a long day of cleaning and my daughter came downstairs to show me that she had cut her hair on both sides she looks like she has a mullet. It is so bad, I was so upset I am lost for words and I just do not know what to do at this point her beautiful hair gone. I guess I have to go get some headbands.
KA Willsboro NY - When Kids Cut Their Own Hair

No More Cute!

jaydon before cutting his hair

jayden after cutting his hair

I was at work in my beauty salon one night, when I had a phone call from my husband saying Jayden had just cut his hair. I was in shock! Jay has lovely medium blonde wavy hair. I asked his dad to send me a picture and the first picture above is what I got!

Mortified isn't the word! He had cut it so close that my daughters two friends who were hairdressers said there wasn't a lot they could do! Everyone found it hilarious! I asked him why he would do that he reply was "I don't want to look cute anymore!" Glad to say it finally after many months it did grow back!
K. P. West Midlands U.K. - When Kids Cut Their Own Hair

Trimmed Sister's Bangs

trimmed little sisters bangs

My Son "Trimmed" His Sister's Bangs

I found my daughter (4) in my room and her bangs were gone. I said "what the..?" and I asked her if she cut her own hair. She said no, her brother did it (he's 6).

So I hunted him down and asked what possessed him to do that, he's old enough to know scissors are for paper. He said "Her bangs were too long, they were covering her eyes and she couldn't see." This was 5 days before her Christmas dance recital... :/
Lauren P. - Des Plaines, IL, USA

Long Ponytail Cut

A younger brother cuts off her ponytail and her Barbie's. Her hair grew back. Barbie's did not.

One day my younger brother cut my hair and my Barbie's hair. When I was at my mom's work I was playing and he cut my ponytail. I was so very mad at him.

Soon I started to scream and when my mom found out she was mad at my brother. My hair was short to my ears for a long time longer than you think. Then my hair finally grew back and my hair was to my shoulders and grew much more very quickly.
KC West Texas United States - When Kids Cut Their Own Hair

little girl cutting her hair

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