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When Kids Cut Their Own Hair

Kids Who Cut Their Own Hair

When kids cut their own hair, why do they do it and what you can do.

When kids cut their own hair mom or dad are just about ready to scream, laugh, or cry.

The Little Barbers And Stylists

The TeddyMany parents have faced the nightmare of discovering that their child took the scissors and cut their own hair.

Although this is never a pleasant situation to come across, as small children rarely make good hairdressers, it does not have to be a big deal.

There are numerous ways to save your child's hair from their scissor experimentation.

A lot of parents question why kids cut their own hair. The better question is how to prevent it from happening.

Typically, especially the smaller the child is when something like this happens, the less reason they have for doing it in the first place.

Always make certain that scissors are out of your kid's reach. Bear in mind as well, that children learn everything by mimicking what they see.

If you child has been to a hair salon before for themselves or have watched you receive a haircut, it may be something that they wish to try.

It is usually easier to deal with when kids cut their own hair when it is a little boy.

If the damage they have done can not be repaired through a haircut or trim, you can always opt to shave your little boy's hair and start fresh.

Better hide the finger paint too. Of course, you can do this with your daughter as well, although many people would rather not choose that option for girls.

What Do You Do?

If your little girl does get her hands on some scissors and attempts to play beauty parlor, as our little friend Bethany in this photo has, it can be a devastating experience for some parents.

Often times, parents choose to attempt to grow their daughter's hair, so if she cuts her locks by herself, you are aware it will take a long time to grow back.

Some parents decide whether their kids are boys or girls, to just leave the look as is and let it grow back.

However, that can take a very long time and you may not wish to look at a choppy haircut while you wait.

Although it may be tough to face, if your child has a home scissor haircut, you are probably best off to cut it as short as you can.

For little girls, if they just cut some hunks of hair off the back, you can trim the length to match up.

If they have done something more drastic such as cutting a bald spot all the way down in the front, your choices will be harder.

If the length is fine and un-touched, you will simply need to focus on the front. You can visit a salon and ask the stylist what sort of fix that she would suggest as the best option.

If your daughter has long bangs, you can always opt to comb them over and use pretty clips to pin her hair to the opposite side and cover-up her hairless patch.

Whatever option you go with, always keep in mind that hair does grow and your child will soon be back to looking the way they were.

Also rest easy in the knowledge that almost every child does this at one time or another and no matter how bad the home haircut may be, there is a way to fix it up until it grows back.

But Mommy, Teddy Did It.......

I can relive the day I entered our four year old daughter's room to find her beautiful waist length hair in a pile beside her and with the only witness to the crime, her dear teddy bear, who was propped against her leg almost completely covered with hair.

It was one of those moments when your heart takes a picture and does not know whether to laugh or to cry.

Even at four, she must have been able to read my face, and slowly raising her eyes up to me and softly whispered, "look what teddy did"

I will never forget the look on her face as I slowly raised my eyes from the pile of long hair to meet her eyes now filled with tears, "I know honey, I saw him." To this day, I and my daughter's teddy, are two of her closest friends.

What's Your Story ?

Share the story of your little stylist on When Kids Cut Their Own Hair or offer comments, tips, support or advice to parents dealing with the aftermath left by a pint sized stylist or barber!

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Submission Tips and Guidelines

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  • Photos bring any story to life and especially to stories about children cutting hair! Include before and after shots of those cuts!

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“Style” Submissions

I Don't Want Her Head Buzzed!

Three Year Old Cuts Own Mullet!My three year old did this to her hair this morning.

It's cut all the way to her head in several places.

I took her to the children's haircut shop, and they looked and said they would have to buzz the whole thing.

How sad. I don't want her head buzzed. And I don't know how to hide it.
From: West Jordan, Utah

COMMENTS: I think she looks quite cute! The style could be evened up slightly, so that the hair gently goes down and so that it is more even, but it looks really sweet!

Pattern Baldness Syndrome

pre-school pattern baldness syndromeHello, I wanted to share my story of my daughter whom cut her own hair yesterday.

I was resting on the couch after a long day of finals at my college when my daughter runs up to me say hi mommy and to my horror I saw her head!

It is so bad, my friends and I are calling it pre-school pattern baldness syndrome. There is no fix for it execpt time.

" I Just Wanted To
Look Like Daddy"

Little Girls Hair Before And After She Cuts It

My daughter decided to suprise me with this hair cut this morning. She said she wanted to look like her daddy. It was so uneven and spots were close to the scalp that we had to give her a buzz cut.

I am stressed beyond belief at what shes done. Especially because she is going to be a flower girl in my wedding in 4 weeks.

I"ve already purchased a wig, because there is no way it will grow back that soon. Sad Mommy

More Than Bed Head

kkids who cut hair

In my groggy state this morning, I thought I noticed something strange about four-year-old Austen's appearance.

It appeared to be a little more extreme than "bed head."

As I looked more closely, I realized that he had cut off a big chunk of his bangs!

He'd been using his kid scissors yesterday, but I didn't realize that he'd decided to give himself a haircut! He never said a word . . .

Now, my husband and I are debating about what to do. Do we wait until Tuesday when the kids' haircut place is open? (Today is Sunday.)

Or does my husband whip out the electric razor and give the kid a buzz cut? And what do we do about his twin brother, Caleb?

Barber In Kindergarten

Barber In Kindergarten

One day, my little girl came home with short hair, a ponytail in a ziploc bag, and a note.

I told my daughter to go to her room and play. So I put the bag on the table, sat down, and opened the note.

The note explained how in class that day they were playing hairdresser. So she picked roles for each kid and my daughter got Customer.

So my daughter sat down and got a towel around her neck like a hair cape. So half of them were customer and the other half were barbers.

So they got roles for services to provide and my daughter and her "barber" were assigned the worse of them all, haircut.

So they got plastic scissors and the "barber" was pretending to cut off my Daughters ponytail.

When the teacher was not looking, the girl took a pair of real scissors off the teachers desk. Then she cut my daughters ponytail off for real.

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When Kids Cut Their Own Hair

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When Kids Cut Their Own Hair
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