What Women Are Thinking About Beauty

What women are thinking about beauty is perhaps not what you think. As the submissions on this page show, it is more about  confidence in knowing who you are and how you are in the world around you. It is about caring for yourself not only on the outside but in the inside.

No matter how you want to write it, beautiful women are well, beautiful. The perfect dress size, we see from every store window. The perfect hairstyles we see from every magazine. The perfect face shape we see from every make up ad. 

The beautiful women fit in the dress, don the perfect hairstyle, and yes, born with the perfect oval face shape. Are we not beautiful, if we follow every ad to stop aging, starve ourselves to wear that dress,endure years of painful plastic surgery for the face, can we get to be beautiful women?

Are we already beautiful and we just do not see it? If we look for our beauty in the reflection of a mirror our beauty we will find, only the shadow, the physical reminder of being a mother, daughter, sister, wife, friend, mentor, lover, a follower and a leader, a woman. 

Perhaps a little tired looking And a little older, maybe a little frazzled. That is where the true beauty is, to be all of those things or even one of them; you have to give of yourself, from the inside.

You needed courage and patience, love and acceptance, strength and submission. All the qualities and unique characteristics that are you cannot be found in a bottle or a jar, only from within, You, hold your true beauty, you may not see it , but everyone you touch daily does. and that is beautiful ...... 

What Women Are Thinking About Beauty

Submissions What Women Are Thinking About Beauty 

In my opinion beauty is nothing to do with what you can see.

You can make yourself look nice, dress attractively, have a flattering hairstyle and good quality clothes and shoes but you cannot use these things to make yourself beautiful. That sort of beauty is only skin-deep. 

Real beauty is the person you are on the inside. It's your qualities that make you either beautiful or ugly.

If your heart if full of love for other people, even those you don't like very much, if you genuinely care for others, are patient with everyone, try and be cheerful even in adversity, are generous with your time and are a good listener, you always have a kind word or act for another, you answer mildly even when others don't respond in the same way and you keep your tongue under control, that is true beauty.

 LP, I'm from the UK. 

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