Wavy Hair Creates A Wavy Bob Hairstyle

Wavy Bob Hairstyles


bobs for wavy hairWhen your locks are wavy, you seem to have the best of both worlds. You can opt to use styling products and hair tools to do almost anything with your hair.

One day you could decide to straighten your tresses, the next to use an iron to create bouncy curls, or you can scrunch your hair to showcase your natural wave.

A terrific Bob hairstyle is the ideal choice for complimenting wavy hair. The Bob is such a versatile hairstyle, a timeless classic that never goes out of fashion.


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The variety of looks available with a Bob and its modifications seem endless. Almost every style of Bob looks wonderful when your locks are wavy.

A graduated bob can be very chic. Layers implemented throughout your hairstyle will give your Bob more volume.

Tapered ends will make your hairstyle appear soft and fully of life.

Texture can work wonders when you want to work with your wave. Shortly cropped one length Bobs will emphasize your facial features.

A Bob that is precisely cut and falls to about chin length with shorter under layers will define your graceful waves.

You can modify the length of your Bob to suit your features. Bangs can be cut long or short to showoff or hide your features as well.

Michelle Phiffer, one of the most beautiful stars on the big screen, maximizes the benefits of her natural wave with a fabulous Bob hairstyle.

To wear your Bob in the same style as Michelle’s, start with a shoulder length Bob that has tapered ends a bangs that gently brush your brow.


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Wavy Hair Creates A Wavy Bob Hairstyle Styling Steps For Wavy Bob


styling steps wavy bobWash your locks with products designed for your hair type.

styling steps wavy bob Towel dry your tresses gently and use your fingers to disperse a dab of styling gel through your hair.

styling steps wavy bob With a diffuser attached, blow-dry your locks, scrunching gently as you dry. This will add volume and promote your waves.

styling steps wavy bob Work a small amount of shine serum through your hair for a glossy sheen.

styling steps wavy hairstyleMist lightly with hairspray for hold and if desired, you can opt to use a large barreled curling iron or hot rollers to create loose curls around your head.





graduated wavy bob hairstyle


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