Warm Care For A Baby Bath

baby bath timeIt is very important that you are careful not to allow your baby to get a chill. It is so easy for your infant to become cold after coming out of a warm tub. There are good ways however to keep your baby warm after a bath.

For starters, the temperature of the water is incredibly important when it comes to providing your infant with a comfortable bath time experience.

These days, you can buy cute bathtub temperature gauges such as ducks and more. Or, you can use what is still the most common method, which is your hand to test the water.

Hooded Bath Towels

There are so many cute bath towels available for babies these days. You can buy precious hooded baby towels that often times are designed to look like various characters. These hooded bath towels will cover your baby ’s head and wrap snugly around their little body. A hooded bath towel will allow your child to remain warm after leaving their comfortable bath. You can purchase hooded bath towels from virtually any store that carries baby items. A hooded bath towel is a fun way for your infant to keep warm after their bath.

People often find that their baby is fussy when coming out of the tub and getting dressed. Often times, this is because your baby is cold, not because they do not enjoy putting on fresh clothing. For an infant three months or younger, fill the spot where they are bathed with a small amount of warm water.


Baby Sponge Bath

Warm Care For A Baby Bath
Even better for very young babies is to spot sponge wash. By spot sponge washing, you generally cover the area not being cleaned at the moment with a towel. Remove the towel to wash a small area of skin, dry that area and then recover before moving on. This prevents your baby from getting any more of a chill than necessary. Once the bath is over, dress them in a warm outfit as quickly as possible.

Bathing Baby At Six Months

Warm Care For A Baby Bath
The same is basically true for babies that are around six months of age. Fill their washing spot with a small amount of warm water. If you bath the baby in the bathroom, keep the door closed to prevent a draft coming in. As soon as you remove your child from the water, wrap the infant securely in a towel. Lay them on a blanket or something dry while you rub them down with a towel. Dress them as quickly as possible before they have a chance to catch a chill.

Bathing Baby At Nine Months

Warm Care For A Baby Bath
By the age of nine months you can relax somewhat, although there are infants who will never be happy when cool and will always want to be kept warm after a bath. Again, wash your baby in a few inches of warm water and dry them thoroughly as soon as they emerge from the bath. Dress your child in a cozy outfit and ensure that their hair is dry too, this will go a long way in helping them to feel warmer.


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Warm Care For A Baby Bath

Warm Care For A Baby Bath
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